This list though [5 Things I’m Trying To Accept]

Winter surely has hit Ithaca this morning. It’s in the teens, snowing and my nose is bloody. I forget that this time of year I really benefit with the use of a dehumidifier. My room gets so dry especially when I have my space heater on. I just might seek one out today. The weather looks chilly for the next couple of days while getting into the 20s on the weekend. I hope is sunny on Saturday because there is a potential race I want to get into. We’ll have to see. I might just save the money and do a long run instead.



I follow a few random people on Twitter and one of these is @commonwhitegirl

Most days she posts funny little gifs that give me a chuckle but also remind me what first world problems I have. It helps me keep things in perspective and also makes me happier. Rather than groan and agree with the things they tweet, I thank God for the blessings I have and appreciate that relatively speaking, my life is pretty great.

Every once in a while, Common White Girl (I have no idea who they are) posts something I really like or that really resonates with me at the moment. The following list really hit home. I had just found a couple zits, was lambasting myself for drinking coffee when I could have had water andΒ scolding myself for buying an expensive camera. I then read this list and gave myself a break. The other two points about relationships is something I know, but being reminded of the fact that relationships are build or go bad for a reason, sometimes multiple times and can be fixed or left behind.

Mostly, this list reminded me to let go and let God.



Things to accept

What things are you trying to accept?



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