A chocolate mouse, a bloody nose and cats…always cats.

Another cold one here in Upstate NY. My nose is still a bit red but the humidifier I bought yesterday has been wonderful in making my room less dry. Last night was pretty chilly which meant that my nightly snack of Yonanas has been traded for some nuts and chocolate. Isn’t he cute? That’s the only mouse I’ll ever eat!


My running outfit has changed a bit too. I’ve traded the tank top and shorts for some leg spandex, a long sleeved tee and a hat and gloves. Much, much better for my quick jog to the gym. I as I posted on Twitter yesterday “On the 6th day, God made gyms for winter running.” Keeps me safe, injury free and happy.


Yesterday I did a lot of thinking about the future. I have not finished my degree yet and I am perfectly content with whatever happens with that. However, because I’ve come to peace concerning school does not mean I was not curious as to what my options are. I thought that with all the classes I’ve taken over the three years I’ve done college, I should have the equivalent of a liberal arts associates degree. I sought information regarding getting my A.S. by just transferring credits to a local community college. I’ve emailed the right people, applied to the school and am going to see where that leads. If I only have to take one or two classes, I think I can manage that and get my degree. Sweet. It will have no baring on my future career, but why not finish it if it’s easy?

Another thing I want to do this spring and summer is hike more and take pictures. I think I can get my future roommate to hike with me because I got her to [almost] join my gym. I’m sure she will, she just keeps forgetting. I don’t know how people do that, when I move someplace, the first thing I do [if my job/housing are secure] is find a gym or running club. Oh well, those are my hobbies. She would probably find the local bars haha. We both are planning to balance each other out. I will go out to more bars and she will be more active. I can’t say that’s a bad thing.


Last night we started season 2 of “The 100”, a show about 100 teenagers sent to a radioactive earth to try and live. We are completely obsessed with the show both because it’s exciting and totally unbelievable. We spend half the show with our mouths open in disbelief and the other half creating out top ten tips to survive on a barren planet with warrior-like people called “grounders”. We also spend a lot of time chasing her kitten around the house and off the hot stove. I swear that cat is so cute but so rambunctious. I am going to try and train him!

the 100

What shows are you watching?

What does your cold weather gear look like?



  1. Yay for furthering your education! Even if it doesn’t do much for what you want to do, why not go for it if it’s easy for you! A degree is always something nice to have up your sleeve and your experiences earning it can help you acquire skills, too! I’m glad to hear you’re getting into photography! Isn’t it so much fun?!

    Shows I’m watching lately: anything on HGTV and Shark Tank!

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