Because everyone needs an AWESOME cat ring…and bananas.

IT IS -6 DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW! I almost made oatmeal for breakfast this morning…but then I saw my banana stash and made a better decision…not out loud…but in my belly.

In my quest to take more pictures with my camera, I snapped a bunch of pictures of the inside of my job. I picked out the three that describe what I think about when I think of my job (employees not included).

1.) Bananas


I am the compost bin for all the brown bananas at work. These were our bananas yesterday so I feel like today I will have a bundle to take home and freeze for Yonanas. It’s been so cold lately I have been avoiding the frozen treats in favor of more room temperature desserts (chocolate bars and nuts anyone?) It’s supposed to reach the 20s this weekend (HEAT WAVE) so I think my tummy will be able to handle the cold deliciousness.

2.) The melter


This is the bane of my existence during the summer and busy Sunday mornings. I get to work and immediately begin sweating and do not stop until I leave. It is the cause of many burns, dropped sandwiches and is a pain in the butt to clean. These days, I love it. It is so warm to stand next to. I volunteer to be “on the melter” my whole shift because it’s so cold outside it’s like a vacation. Work is also much slower this time of year so I am less prone to injury or dropping something.

3.) Rosemary Salt Bagels


These are my favorite bagel. They are soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The dough is made with a different recipe than the other bagels which causes this texture. These bagels are often the first ones we are out of so if I want one, I need to grab it at the beginning of my shift and save it. I can eat anything on these bagels but my favorite it probably avocado, sprouts and melted cheese on top. Yum!

Yesterday my coworker and friend Markie gave me a ring we ordered together. Isn’t it the most fantastic thing? I sent a picture to my future roommate (she has wonderful cats!) and she loved it! Another reason to stay strong on my New Years Quest to wear more jewelry.


What are the things that stand out about your job?




    • The brown ones are the best. I’m currently eating frozen bananas…even though it’s single digits outside…teehee

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