Lincoln Up #12 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up


A letter to…the child who is bullying my daughter. :: Just read this. Please.



10 Signs You’ve Found Your Calling :: #8 You may feel strangely peaceful, even when you have every reason to be anxious.

10 Ways You’re Making Life Harder Than Is Has To Be :: Letting things go is the biggest one for me.

What Everyone Should Know About Positive Psychology :: Looking for what works and why it works.



How To Deal With Being The Only Vegan You Know :: I am the only one of my friends who is vegan so things get tricky when people are in the mood to make jokes about the vegan. Since becoming a vegan, reaching out to others via social media was the best way to both encourage my veganism and deal with the daily struggles in a world of torture.

20 Ways to Be Healthier In 2015 :: The biggest one for me is to drink more water!

Creating A Better World From Education :: What a better way to spread veganism than starting early? Children should be taught the truth, the same creatures they nurture and love are equivalent to the ones on their plates.



Methane Plume Over Western U.S. Illustrates Climate Cost of Gas Leaks :: “Because methane is such a powerful greenhouse gas – with more than 80 times more heat-trapping potency per pound than carbon dioxide over the short-term – the leaks must be controlled if the US is to have any chance of meeting its goals for cutting emissions responsible for climate change”

Could Facebook Be a Factor In Future Elections? :: Call it the herd mentality, you’re more likely to vote if your friends did.

Why The Government’s New Regulations Are a Nightmare for The Meat Industry :: A big win for the environmentalists and vegans alike! I guess you could argue that all vegans are by extension environmentalists…I digress 🙂



What Elite Runners Can Learn From Professionals :: Even elites need help to fuel their training and make the same mistakes we do. Food is fuel, not a reward.

This Is The Year I Believe :: Mom and marathoner Kara Goucher promises to put it all together. She deserves it!

Are Young Athletes Getting The Proper Nutrition :: Just ignore the supplement plug at the end. I can’t believe young athletes are already using illegal substances!

Running for Mileage or Time? :: New runners (and seasoned) should stick to a time goal both for motivation and a benchmark to keep improving.



The 8 Types of Photos You Should Never Use On LinkedIn :: I thought my cat selfie was going to get me hired…

4 Tricks To Begin Writing Your Own Story

:: I’ve been impacted the most from people who did not write to change the lives of others, but shared their story.


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