Viva Taqueria [The Best Mexican Food EVER!]

I don’t know what it is, but I love rice and beans. I could honestly eat some variation of them everyday. A great carbohydrate, protein and vitamin source, those two foods could be argued as the best foods on earth. Think about people who live the longest. They are almost always of Asian descent and claim a simple diet of rice and soybeans. Not only for longevity, but for my running body, the African population (that consistently puts out the world’s best distance runners) also claim this high carbohydrate diet.

Maybe that’s why I love this Mexican restaurant. Almost every time I have gone, I get the same basic thing. Rice and beans wrapped in a tortilla. Delicious!


This trip to Viva Taqueria was no exception. I got the Vegan Burrito, a white flour tortilla stuffed with rice, black beans, spinach, calabacitas (a spiced bean mix) and guacamole. On the side comes a Mexican slaw and escabeche. It can come smothered in ranchero sauce, but I’m a baby about spices. I ask that they wrap the burrito (so the stuff doesn’t fall out as easily) and for no sauce. It is so filling and super delicious! I always say I will take home what I cannot eat, but I ignore my stomach and finish the last couple bites each time because it’s so good. My friend is better about taking things home. She can stop herself…sometimes.

IMG_0130 IMG_0131

She got the Carnitas Platter which consists of 4 flour tortillas (small ones) and a plate of things to make your own tacos. She was really bad at distributing things equally between each tortilla…but everything still looked great.


We usually get drinks as well, but have both been trying to save money recently so we opted out of that. We also both acknowledge that we like the cold drinks more when it’s hot outside. We’ll save it for summer!


Considering I got in a small car accident earlier in the day and got spoiled by Twitter on my favorite show, this meal was well deserved and needed.

How was your weekend?

What is your favorite restaurant?


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