Three Questions [From Allie’s Life!]

This post has no reason or way to inspire myself or anyone who reads. I like being asked questions. I like to answer them. I love to talk (write?). Last week a fellow blogger who I consider a friend asked a couple questions at the end of her post. I actually thought about them for a while so now here is a post of them. Feel free to answer them back to me in the comment section. I love hearing about other people’s dreams, pet peeves and general happiness.

Check out Allie’s blog! She’s MARRIED and also completely AWESOME!

1. What do you enjoy most about your life right now?


What I enjoy most about my life right now is the renewed friendship I have with Gennie. I missed having someone I consider a best friend. For years, I thought I didn’t want anyone to get close to me in that way. I forgot about inside jokes, laughing till my insides hurt and a general sense that I was liked. Gennie makes me feel this way. I feel completely relaxed being myself around her. I love playing with her cats and watching Netflix all night with her. She gets my inner-nerd and shares this characteristic. We just match and I love it. I cannot wait to move in together!

2.ย What is one thing that drives you crazy?


The one thing that drives me crazy right now is when Sterling (Gennie’s kitten) finds the need to walk on or play with my winter coat. The coat is worth over $400 and is the most expensive thing I let myself wear. It’s not for fashion (although it’s beautiful) it’s the warmest thing I own. I have told Gennie multiple times when we’re walking somewhere “This coat is so warm I could be naked under here and still warm!” Sterling is so rambunctious (and he’s neutered) and loves to play with my boots, mittens and recently my coat. I feel bad, but I have yelled “STERLING GET AWAY FROM THAT OR I WILL MURDER YOU!” more times than I’d like to admit. Gennie says I’ve gone to the dark side…but I would say the same thing to her if she were scratching my coat as well =P
3. What would be your dream job if you could do absolutely anything and get paid for it?


I would love to plan races at beautiful locations and then get paid to run them and set everything up. It would be like vacation or destination race planning. The person would pay a flat rate and I would include travel, lodging and racing all over a weekend. That would be so much fun! It would be fun to plan women’s hiking or racing retreats as well. A less lofty goal is to get a job at a running store. I want a job that allows me time to pursue my hobbies and other passions. I like doing freelance research and I like racing. I love my job at CTB because I can basically do all those things. Now all they need to do is promote me ๐Ÿ™‚

Answer the questions! Pass ’em on!



  1. I want to own a bakery and sell treats and coffee all day long while engaging with fun people and making my own schedule!! OR I want to travel to coffee countries and grow and pick the beans!

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