Fake Bacon, Veganism at it’s most trendy

I was never on the bacon bandwagon. Before I was vegan, I thought putting bacon on and into everything seemed really gross. Sure, I had some every once in a while, but I really had a thing about greasy meat. Sausage, burgers, bacon…anything really kind of turned me off unless it was crispy. It had to do with how it made the bun or bread it was put on…or even my paper plate for that matter. I hate soggy bread. The grease made it soggy. My dislike of the soggy bread outweighed any preference for a sacrificed animal.

When I went vegan, I liked veggie meats for the sole fact that they were never greasy. To be sure, some are really dry and I need to LOAD on the cheese, BBQ sauce or dressing, but many now-a-days are a nice balance of juicy without turning my bread into a gross wet sponge that needs a fork and knife. If I wanted to use cutlery, I would have gotten pasta.

I do enjoy the smokiness quality that cured meats have. Considering the oppression takes all pleasure out of eating that, things like liquid smoke have made meat substitutes (or anything else I can put it in) like TVP a depth of flavor mimicking that of bacon.

I am not going to talk about how to make TVP.

I am however going to talk about my breakfast this morning which stemmed from vegan bacon.


Sweet Earth is a vegan plant-based company who’s tagline is simply “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” I can get behind that. The bacon cooked up beautifully, just two minutes per side. I tried the hickory smoked sage flavor. It was honestly better than any oppressed meat I’ve ever had. I don’t like the texture of meat and this substitute had enough differences that I got the flavor profile (smokiness) without feeling like I was eating my arm muscle (ew).



I can’t wait to fry up the rest of the package for some avocado, tomato, bacon and lettuce sandwiches!

What is you favorite vegan alternative?


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