Marathoning, Buckwheat and Being a Brand Ambassador

Wow it’s already Thursday isn’t it? My week clock is so out of whack after the holidays because I actually had weekends off. Now that I’m looking at four days of work, it feels off. I can’t wait for the warmer weather when work gets more steady and I get into my groove.

In exactly a week the marathon training plan I was going to follow begins. After re-reading the plans yesterday I decided I would DIY most of the weekday workouts, but maintain the longer mileage runs the plan suggests. I have decided this because I do not really need a build up of fitness. I am still relatively fit from racing and workouts the past few months. Going down to three and hour mile easy runs would actually detrain me. Now, that is completely fine, but not the way I want to train. I like doing tempo runs, mile repeats and crosstraining during the week. I have taught my body how to recover from this relatively well. So for now, my Buffalo marathon build-up will be DIY. I know me, I do me 🙂


Last week I watched a Rachel Ray episode during a long treadmill session. The theme of her show was “ancient grains”. Ancient grains consist of farro, millet, spelt, buckwheat, amaranth and others that are less processed and more likely to have less GMOs. They are also whole grain so thought to be better for you than say a piece of white bread. I actually had buckwheat that I bought a couple months ago in one of my impulse buy shopping trips. I made it once and it was ok. I wasn’t the most thrilled with it because I was expecting to be “wowed”. I promptly forgot about it after that. Well, Rachel reminded me to get it out again. I soaked my buckwheat overnight and then made the rest of them the other night. Last night I mixed the buckwheat with chickpeas and cheese. This recipe is my standard when working with a new grain. Because grains are relatively flavor neutral, I know chickpeas and cheese go well with anything. It was actually really good and could substitute for the rice or quinoa I usually use. Tonight I want to make a bowl of the wheat with edamame and Beyond Meat chicken. I think a sesame ginger sauce is in order here. Yum!


[Not this Buckwheat…]


On Sunday I went to the first meeting of what I expect will be a beautiful relationship. I have applied and been accepted into the FLRTC (Fingerlakes Running and Triathlon Company) team for 2015. Being a brand ambassador means I will represent the company at races, volunteer at packet pickup and races and also lead group runs. I cannot wait to have a companion for my long runs during the summer! I have always wanted to run for a team loosely. I wanted more friends than competitors. I wanted to do it because I love it, not for money or any of that sort. This will be so much fun! A fellow teammate has written a beautiful post on what it means to be a runner and a brand ambassador. Stay tuned for the link to this post on my Sunday Lincoln Up!


Do you cook with ancient grains?

How do you train for races?



  1. Congrats on the ambassadorship. I’m sure you’ll do great. (And it sounds super fun to have more support in running, and kind of lead a community.)

    I’m not much for cooking, but I love eating ancient grains. I had a dish with teff in it last week and it was amazing. 🙂

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