Finding a new way to change the world for animals

Last night I got to thinking, what am I doing new to promote animal rights? I feel as if I’ve hit a stagnation point. Veganism isn’t new anymore. People are used to my lifestyle and do not question it. In a way this is great because I don’t get the annoying questions or people making a point to claim their love of bacon to me. But in other ways it’s a shame because it gives me less opportunity to share with them.


I have made a lot of progress since moving back to Ithaca and coming back to CTB. My coworker and friend has made a point to change the way she and her girlfriend eat. They want to get overall healthier and they have a pitbull. I think when I asked if she would eat her dog, she really started thinking about ethical choices.


A few weeks ago I posted about being more relaxed in terms of pastries at work that would be thrown away. I came to the conclusion that I would take them if an animal product (like cream) was not the main ingredient. Well, last night my coworker called me out on it. She said “Well then technically you aren’t vegan. Those animals have suffered to give those animal products and just because they haven’t died does not mean you are respecting them by not letting things get thrown away. It is the same thing.”


She is right. I was subconsciously trying to find a loophole in veganism because I hate it when things get thrown away. I let my dislike of waste overthrow my ethical choices. This will happen no longer. I will not take non-vegan pastries anymore even if they are about to get thrown away.

pumpkin cheesecake

[My vegan desserts are better anyway!]

Besides doing that, I read a post over at Our Hen House called 100 Ways To Change The World For Animals (Part 1) and (Part 2) again. I want to do more things even if they’re small to make an impact. If I can get a customer to try hummus or the veggie burger instead of meat and cheese, that is a big deal.

My newest project, which I want to document here, is to develop a new vegan sandwich recipe for CTB. I want it to include our veggie burger and a wrap of some kind. I’m thinking some either a veggie burger vegan parmesan or a “California” style with avocado. I’ll try to take pictures and post them as I make additions and modifications.

grocery3Β grocery5

I don’t have a lot of money, but I have time to make sandwiches. I want to change the world for animals. I could just do a juice cleanse or something, but I think this is more fun, and delicious!

When you need to spice up your life, or just get out of a “comfortable rut”, what do you do?



  1. I think it’s great you are refocusing your ethical choices and sticking to what your heart tells you. I hate the vegan label so I rarely tell people, and if I must I try to say plant based instead. I don’t eat any animal products, but I do eat honey. Yeah..I’m one of thoseeeee people.

  2. I had yet to reply to the comment you left on my blog a while ago [sorry!] but was actually going to say I admired you for ‘straining’ from your diet to help reduce waste. Food shouldn’t go to waste and – work-related – from my research on dumpster divers quite a few are usually vegan, too, but will occasionally eat dairy to save it from the trash. This isn’t to try and make you change your mind but maybe it helps you feel less ‘guilty’ [not like you should feel like that in the first place]? Either way, find what works for you. None of us are perfect and already choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet reduces animal suffering.

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