Sandwich Saturday #1 [Veggie Burger Parm]

As referenced in my last post, I am doing some recipe testing at work.

The goal?

1.) To create a new vegan sandwich for the Collegetown Bagels menu.

2.) To get it named after me.

3.) To advocate veganism.


1.) There are only three on the menu.

2.) This is something I can do to change the world for animals.

The first sandwich I made included our veggie burger patty consisting of all veggies and no filler. I actually do not know all the ingredients but I can see corn, carrots and peas. Seeing is believing! I also wanted to do a take on a chicken parmesan sandwich but using that patty. Being a HUGE fan of wraps, my sandwich will most likely be on some sort of flatbread.


Ellie’s Veggie Burger Parm

1 veggie burger patty

1/4 c marinara sauce

1/4 c shredded vegan mozzarella (we have Daiya)

1 handful spinach

1/3 c sprouts

1 10 inch garlic herb wrap

Warm up the veggie burger in the microwave. Assemble all the ingredients on the wrap in the easiest way for you. I like to put the marinara sauce on top of the sprouts and then the cheese on top of that. It gets the sprouts mixed with the cheesy sauce and hold it rather well. After folding the wrap, it is pressed on the Panini maker. I wrapped it in foil to keep it warm and gooey.


What did I think?

It was good, but I will still have to tweak it. I think I will forgo the spinach next time in favor of more sprout or mushrooms instead. The sauce and cheese worked well with the veggie burger. I could see it selling, but I can make the sammie better. I do not do mediocre.


Do you have any ideas I should try?



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