Lincoln Up #13 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

So many great articles this week! I am especially fond of the not one, not two but THREE links concerning my small hometown of Ithaca. I really do live in a “gorges” small town. I’d have to say that my favorite post this week is in the running category concerning what to eat for breakfast. When I get caught up on Instagram or social media seeing all the different things people have for breakfast, I don’t know why, but I critically analyze my choice of breakfast. I seriously eat the same thing every morning: a peanut butter, jelly and banana wrap with a glass of almond milk. Every. Single. Day. I have made other things and sometimes get into a smoothie kick when it gets warm, but this breakfast has served me well through running, racing and just being delicious. If there were one sandwich I could eat forever, this would be it. But enough rambling, time for Lincoln Up #13!



17 Things People Born In The ’90s Are Now Experiencing :: Every post like this makes me wish I never learned the truth about Danny Tanner…

A Guide To Cooking Every Winter Vegetable :: Kind of late in the season, but better than ever! I need to get out of my sweet potato oven fry rut. These recipes are inspiration to try something new!



This How Vegans Eat Bacon :: Because yummy smoky flavor can be cruelty free.

Confessions Of A Killer :: I love the Vegan Mos for all their culinary insight and also because they are SO FUNNY! Ethan shares a hard post about his past as in vivisection.



The Link Between Red Meat and Cancer Has Been Established :: Thank you to Dr T. Colin Campbell and others for bringing this to the public attention. Time to spread the word!



The Case For Eating The Same Thing For Breakfast :: I knew there was something great in my PB, Banana and Jelly sandwiches every morning!

3 Cool Fitness Gear Trends For 2015 :: Reviewed by Dean Karnazes, it’s not just watches and HR monitors that can track your data. Get ready for the electronic sports bra!

What It Means To Be An FLRTC Ambassador :: I could have put this in the Ithaca category. I recently decided to run for the Fingerlakes Running and Triathlon Team for 2015. Pete explains exactly what that means.



Cornell Grads Will Face Each Other At Superbowl This Year :: Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Bryan Walters (Cornell class of 2010) and Green Bay Packers offensive-lineman JC Tretter (Cornell class of 2012) will represent Ithaca this year. Good thing because Cornell went 1-9 this year…

“Great” Character Propels Ithaca Wrestler :: After 200 wins, Richie Burke says “I’m gonna pop off all the plates (that have his name on it), put them in one place and start circulating these trophies to other kids so they can feel what its like to get a trophy,” he told his mother. “When they raise your hand, it’s different.”

When Fleeing a Murderous Politician, Go to Ithaca :: The journalist must’ve taught at Ithaca College because Cornell does not have a journalism program…



5 Reasons To Love Your Body :: I needed this on Tuesday after a hard workout and still I felt I looked weak. Who cares what I look like? I just kicked that workout’s butt! Hurrah!


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