Early Morning Confessions

1.) I stole the idea for this from Brittany #sorrynotsorry girl 🙂 It’s a great idea

2.) Last night, I made the decision to give up added sugar for a week. I blew it this morning when I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. My thoughts concerning food challenges are that they are a fun way to try new things. Just like when I went vegan I found SO MANY new and delicious foods (that I could have enjoyed as a non-vegan but didn’t…) when I try a food challenge, I learn so many new ways of using ingredients and how they make me feel.


3.) Sometimes I am really judgmental of people even though I don’t mean to be. I think things in my mind about what people say versus what they do. If I don’t mentally check myself, I can actually get mad about it. For example, my co-worker says there is no way she can lose weight. She tries and it just does not happen. However, she also ate a plate of pasta and a bagel for lunch. This is what is on our salad bar and what I had for lunch. Mind you, I have learned to like lentils, tofu and avocado…but even having veggies instead of bread or fruit for a snack is just a better choice. I feel ashamed for thinking these things…but that is why this is a confession post. At least I have the decency to keep these thoughts to myself. It also does not change the fact that I LOVE this girl as a friend and coworker. Nothing she eats could ever change that.


4.) I have been totally reliving my high school musical tastes recently through the use of my old IPod shuffle. Who knew I had so many diverse tastes from Miley Cyrus, Hairspray, Biggie, Usher, Rascal Flatts and Queen? I was so hipster.


5.) I have been participating in the #writeandrun31 challenge on Twitter with the No Meat Athlete. On days when I get home from work and do not want to take the time to write or think, I have retrained my “Just do it” mentality to go beyond running/yoga/foam rolling and into more subtle areas of my life. What I like most about this challenge is that I find a new level of respect for people who write for a living. It is so easy to be inspired everyday, but to convey that into language is what separates the J.K. Rowlings from the rest of us.

6.) I had a HUGE bowl of yonanas for a snack yesterday. Sometimes I get just the right consistency and can pile them high! If they are too soft, sometimes they run out of the bowl. I tried topping them with things, but I honestly didn’t like it. I love the creamy smooth way bananas are. Even when I made ice cream for my job, I was most proud of my batches of perfect vanilla.


7.) My last confession is that I am not doing so well at taking pictures. I just get so busy at work and I don’t want to only take pictures of customers or my lunch. It is fun, but I want to seek a new medium. I’ll remember my camera on my travels today and hopefully get some good shots.

Your turn, confessions?



  1. I love Brittany’s confessions posts! I love yours now, too! I hope you keep doing them :). I found an old iPod of mine recently, too and was cracking up at my old music choices! Specifically “Laffy Taffy” by D4L hahah!

    • HAHAHA That’s so great! I don’t know how to put new music on it because I don’t want to pay for new songs..so back to ’09 it is!

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