The expenses of a runner and 23 year old working woman

I asked my mother the other day where my sibling’s (specifically my older brothers) money goes. From my point of view, he has no expenses. He lives at home, he uses my dad’s trucks to get around and eats what my mom buys. He pays no rent and gets a sizable paycheck from my father each week (he works on the farm).

I was incredulous when my mom said he can’t afford to move out even though both he and she wants him to. My first thought was to judge. I immediately began thinking of the waste of money items he must be buying. Then I did a self check-in.

I’m not exactly rolling in the dough either. Ok, I do pay for my apartment, internet, cell phone, car, food etc. but I’ve also noticed lately that life things or hobbies that don’t seem expensive on the outset can really keep me toeing the line.


Living is expensive especially around the holidays!

I consider myself relatively frugal. I don’t go out to eat comparatively speaking. My social group of friends eat a lot of meals out. I get at least lunch everyday from work and get a lot of my dinners from the salad bar bean and pasta dishes I take home at the end of the week because they get thrown away. I try not to buy too many unnecessary things that I don’t need. I am not big into music or movies. I share a Netflix account.


However, I find my money going many different places recently and I haven’t made any life changing purchases.


Last week I was in a fender-bender. My car was fine (Marge is made of tough stuff) but since it was my fault, I got a ticket. It would have been $250, but I got it down to $140. I also am hoping the insurance I pay $70 a month for will come through for me because his SUV took a bit of a knock.

I had just filled my car with gas before that which was another $40. Luckily, I decided not to drive the hour round trip I had planned afterwards because the police officer took too long.

Since it is winter and my room is dry, I bought a humidifier for $15.

My twice weekly coffee at Wegmans went up $0.15 which isn’t so bad but it will add up after a while.

I have had my running shoes for a couple months so I will need to get new ones soon which is at least $100.


I just signed up for two races in the last week at $70 each.

RUNNING IS EXPENSIVE! (Luckily the yoga I did last night was free πŸ™‚

After paying rent and cable, I feel like all I do is spend money. The past few weeks have also been light on the paycheck side because of the holidays and CTB being so slow. I have had to do a self-check in the past few times I see a vegan shirt or want to buy something that looks awesome because I really do need to be mindful of purchases. I cannot follow in my mom’s footsteps just to buy things if they seem like a good deal.

I have been talking to my boss about a raise for three months and I think it’s time I have a serious conversation with her. I deserve a raise and it would be wonderful for my paycheck. I don’t have anything insightful to share, except that everyone should head over to spoons for some more OUT LOUD action!

How do you manage expenses?

How would you ask for a raise?



  1. I’m with you on races being expensive! I just checked my bank account… πŸ™‚

    You should definitely ask for a raise. If you don’t ask, you don’t gain. A good time to ask is during an appraisal. Do you have regular appraisals at work?

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