Foam Roll Friday

No I have not foam rolled yet today. It’s 8:55AM and I just got home from the gym so the first item on tap is breakfast. I do however plan to foam roll tonight when I get home from work. Part of my New Year’s Resolution is so keep up mobility work throughout my running and marathon build-up. I have a love-hate relationship with foam rolling. I love the way it feels afterwards…and even sometimes during…I just hate carving time to do it. I would rather lay in my bed while watching Scandal than foam roll during it. It’s honestly that simple, but I know unless I write out that I will do it, it’s not going to happen.


Maybe I should have wrote out my plan a couple days ago to give up added sugar for a week. I had such good intentions…but then woke up and made my usual breakfast of PB&J and banana and before I remembered my plan, it was over. My jelly is the normal kind, it’s fruit with sugar. It’s not just mashed berries. I like the regular kind.


Writing out resolutions has a large impact for me. It’s almost as if the written word is more concrete. It’s harder to break something that is documented. Some examples for me are the notes I leave on my bathroom mirror to wear earrings and my ring. If I did not write them down, I might remember, but I would certainly shrug it off more easily.


Yesterday I texted with my friend about a new goal I thought about making for my marathon training…and run training in general. I will refrain from typing it out here because then it will seem final, like I’ve decided to do it, which I haven’t.

The reason I do not want to commit fully is because it takes me out of my comfort zone and I’m not sure it’s completely necessary. It’s like getting a coffee enema (just look it up), it’s uncomfortable, weird and not scientifically proven to work. In terms of running, it is actually counter-intuitive for most runners because being lighter is actually better for them. That’s all I can really say on the subject. I’m still pondering and praying about it…it’s too early to make anything final.

Today is actually really my FRIDAY! I have tomorrow off so I can work on my mom’s website. I am so excited mostly because I NEVER have Saturdays off and also because this is the first one of a definite thing. I will always have Saturdays off from now on! Go me for being proactive!


Have a fabulous Friday!

How do you stick to goals?

What is your poison? Foam rolling or stretching…or gasp! Both?!



  1. I think I understand what you’re thinking about doing for your marathon training and I think you should do it!! Your running would be taken to a whole new level if you were at a healthy weight! I think it’s awesome that you’re thinking about your health and how it affects your training.

  2. I use my foam roller mainly for my back and shoulders, sorta random but it works. Everything I else I do a daily 10 minute yoga flow to stretch out my stiff muscles!

    • I just did yoga for the first time in months on Wednesday and was so sore the next day! My legs weren’t used to the deep stretch. It was great though!

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