Sandwich Saturday #2 [BBQ Veggie Burger with Sautéed Onions]

Whew today’s run was long but great! Saturdays [in addition to being a great day to post and sandwich recipe] are now my long run mornings. This morning was about 12 miles on the treadmill. Before you roll your eyes, I had a great podcast to listen to called Invisible Office Hours. Give it a look, they talk about great stuff!


Yesterday for lunch, I was supposed to eat at home because I wasn’t beginning work until 2. However, just as I finished making my food, my boss called and asked that I come in early. Nothing feels quite so empty as the moments when you realize that the delicious food in front of you will have to wait until dinner.


I got to work and was so thirsty [almost a bit THANGRY] but we were really busy, so my thirst had to wait. It was kind of good because I was able to just put my head down and work for an hour really focused on not thinking about it. By the time I was able to take a break for lunch, I was STARVING…and had been thinking about the perfect veggie burger combo for the day. Nothing inspires creativity like hunger.

I remember growing up going to Buffalo to visit my grandmother. My mom would bring us these burger with BBQ sauce and onion rings on them. They were probably Burger King or some local Buffalo place, but if she brought out the burgers that meant we were going to the community pool later that day. Good memories are associated with that lunch.

Now that my tastes have refined a bit, I think a burger like that would make me sick…but that doesn’t mean I lost the love of the BBQ onion flavor. This sandwich is my inspiration from that. I added some more greens to both to absorb more BBQ sauce and to add some crunch.


I LOVED IT! The BBQ sauce held up well because it got locked in the sprouts and onions. Everything just worked well. Nothing was too overpowering and there weren’t too many flavors going on. I like this one more than last weeks. Next time I am going to try it with cheese and see if the flavor improved even more.

CTB…I will bring a vegan veggie burger to you menu!

The BBQ Veggie Burger with Sautéed Onions

1 veggie burger patty

1 handful sliced onions, sweated in the microwave

1 handful spinach

1/2 handful sprouts

BBQ sauce (I used A LOT but it’s up to the maker)

1-10in spinach wrap

Warm the veggie burger in the microwave or cook to the instructions. Sweat the onions in the microwave. On the wrap, place the spinach first and then the sprouts. Pour on a layer or BBQ sauce. Place the sweated onions and veggie burger on top. Pour on more BBQ sauce. WRAP IT UP!



What is you favorite condiment?

Rate this sandwich for how it sounds, any suggestions are GREAT!




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