Lincoln Up #14 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Some of the best posts I read this week were in the health and life category. The past few days I’ve had a couple body image struggles and these articles helped me see through them. I think what really resonated with me yesterday was how beautiful I felt I looked when I was about to leave my house. I didn’t even put on makeup! It was such an eye opener from the way I felt earlier in relation to the extra layer around my middle section. Who cares if my abs aren’t magazine model defined? I ran for an hour and a half yesterday! My hair looked good. My skin was clear and nourished. Those things seem to matter more than something hidden by at least two layers of clothing. I hope some of these articles inspire you as well. Here’s to Lincoln Up!

Lincoln Up


60 Mistakes That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals :: In light of my new goals for the year and in this past week, I found this list I plan to refer to as I go to make sure I follow through.



Why I don’t want Six-Pack Abs :: Ok I admit it, I do like it when the angle of light hits my torso at just the right time so it looks like I have a six-pack. After reading this, I feel a lot more confident about my body. I’m a woman, not a Spartan.

Cheap Healthy Eating :: I do not shop at Whole Foods (there is not one near me) but I love every article I can find on saving money. It’s like my version of coupons. Of course I have an even better way than the ones Matt suggests: work at Collegetown Bagels and take home all the “expired food”. Cheers!

31 Aphorisms Every Woman Should Live By :: Take selfies and wear red lipstick because girl you are HOT!

[The Brutal Secrets Behind ‘Biggest Loser’] :: I have watched this show and cried with the contestants because I thought what they were doing was important. Had I know this was how it happened, I never would have watched.

Lifting Weights Ruined My Relationship :: I personally think the girl was being a snob. The guy should not have to change his life to accommodate her. She should love him for who he is just as he likes her for her. He even told her he didn’t care that she didn’t want to work out. Nuts.



Do These Three Things for 90 Days To Become a Better Runner :: I will drink more water! I will! I will….

How Do Sub-Freezing Temperatures Affect Running Performance? :: Metabolism slows down. We use more energy to keep ourselves warm. That energy could be used to give more power to the legs. This is why there are few optimal performances in freezing temperatures.



The Oscars Continue to Slight Women’s Stories, Just Ask “Wild” :: “In some ways, the dismissal of Wild, and the frequent non-nomination of movies about women, calls to mind the ongoing debate in the literary world about the way critics and awards-givers dismiss “domestic fiction.”

Why Do Rivers Curve? :: Thank you Mental Floss for expanding my mind once again, I knew it was a product of the Force.

A Few Signs You’re In A Relationship With Hummus :: It’s the most stable relationship I’ve ever had!

10 Things Done To Athletic Balls That Give Athletes an Edge :: In light of “deflategate” these are a couple other tactics used (mostly in baseball…?) to get that edge



The End of The World As We Know It :: Michael Pollan makes the compelling argument that “Our goal should be to eat from the solar food chain to the extent we can and not from the fossil-fuel chain, which is what we’re mainly doing now.” and “We got too smart for our own good.”

Coca-Cola New Branding Opportunity in London :: A huge iconic London structure now is plastered with the single correlate to obesity and diabetes known today: Sugary Beverages. Will there even be a next generation?


15 Upgrades For Your PB :: Jelly need not apply!


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