A few kind words when you need them

The past few days have been a bit…different body image wise. I do not participate in self-loathing or hatred. I love my body and what it can do (sometimes more than others). It honestly wasn’t that bad. I simply have felt the past few days there is an extra layer around my mid section that wasn’t always there.

Now before you get all “first world problems” on me…let me explain. I still love my body. I did not start a diet or get all depressed. I just noticed it.

I also noticed something else a few hours later when I was getting ready to go out…I thought I looked beautiful. I felt so pretty, I went without makeup. I felt naturally pretty and happy. I felt content.


Call it a sign from the Big Guy upstairs, but that feeling was exactly when I needed to keep me from going down a path toward body dissatisfaction.

Then, yesterday at work, a coworker who I had not seen in a long time (the one who made me WONDERFUL SOUP!) came in to say hello. The first thing she said to me was that I looked really beautiful.

Sometimes even the most confident people (not claiming to be one of them) feel vulnerable about their looks. Getting positive reinforcement from both inside myself and from someone else felt really great.


Now to today! What a whirlwind of a day!

I did a six mile tempo run this morning at the gym after not that great of a night’s sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable and was both too hot and then freezing. I woke up at one point drinking juice out of my fridge because water was not quenching my thirst. I also had really strange dreams including people from the show The Blacklist. Talk about weird!

The run was good and I felt strong. I think I need new shoes. I was going to buy them today but…

I was supposed to work 9:30-4:30 but got called in at 8:30 because my co-worker was sick. I got there and he went home and another girl came in. Things were going well until we got slammed for lunch. It has been snowing non-stop today so I didn’t think we’d get that many people. However, since it’s not too freezing, just really snowy, people were out and about. the day felt like it flew by. All I wanted to do on my break was sleep…and stuff my face full of coconut rice. One of these things didn’t happen…you be the judge (who can sleep on a half hour break?!)

Tonight I was supposed to go toΒ a group run for FLTRC but I slipped so many times walking up the hill to my home that I am not chancing running in this weather. It’s not really supposed to stop snowing till Wednesday so I don’t think I’ll be running tomorrow night outside either.


[This could be my house. Serious.]

Also, because my coworker is sick, I am taking his opening shift tomorrow which means starting work at 6:30 and getting to the gym a little after four. As of right now, I want to eat, shower and watch some Netflix.

Do you like getting called beautiful or do you get embarrassed?

How was your weather today?



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