400 meter repeats make ya feel like a BEAST!

I know everyone and their mother is talking about how we were supposed to get a snowstorm of epic proportions and we didn’t. Honestly, I think the amount of snow my town got was just about right. Enough to build some snowmen, ski my way to work and eat a lot of Chinese food. ^-^


[That was fun to scrape off]

My coworker got sick yesterday and asked if I would take his opening shift this morning. A sucker for more hours like I am, of course I agreed. Who am I to say no to a five day work week (hint, a five $$ day work week) when I was only scheduled for four (dang it winter).


Opening the store means getting there at 6:15AM, which also means I push my workout early. I wake up at 4, am at the gym by 4:15 and done with enough time to clean myself and get to work.


[This is not so easy to walk down when it’s pitch black and there’s a layer of ice over it]

This morning’s workout was a planned speed day. Although I am not formally following their plan, I use the speed workouts from the Hanson’s marathon method, incorporating one each week. This was the first workout of the plan. I was anxious about it because I haven’t done actual speed work since the summer and it’s quick but HARD!

The workout was 12 x 400m with 3o seconds of recovery between each rep. The book tells you to do them based on your 5K pace. I did the intervals based on the 5K pace I can realistically achieve so each interval was supposed to take me 1:30. Doing these on the treadmill is a great way to teach your body that pace and push yourself without looking at a watch.

I warmed up for 2 miles at a 9:30-10:00ish pace and then got going.

I’m not going to lie, they were tough! I could tell I would be able to get through them, but it would take a lot of concentration and mental energy to stay the course. I always give myself a loophole, that if I don’t “feel” like doing a workout I can just do an easy long run or mile repeats, a workout I’m comfortable with.

Today I decided not to!


I got through all 12 intervals, did a short ab workout and then cooled down on the bike. The great thing about a high intensity workout is that I could be done in less than 45 minutes if I didn’t cool down. I also felt really strong afterwards, like of like a beast.


I got to work, and proceeded to cough, sneeze and blow my nose through it. Honestly I don’t know how a body can make so much phlem. You’d think I would be dehydrated of some sort. However, I got through the shift, got (most) of the grossness out and had a lovely lunch at home.

Do you incorporate speed training?

What is your favorite workout?



    • Since it’s so cold I did them on the treadmill. That took some of the guesswork out of it and I could just focus on working hard. That might make it easier!

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