Why WEGMANS is the BEST grocery store EVER!

The Wegmans Grocery store in my hometown is pretty great. There are always tasting stations




This man and I had a WONDERFUL conversation about blood orange marmalade and he was a vegan too! I told him about my love for bananas and my recent creation of a vegan Elvis style PB. Banana and Bacon sandwich. We talked for about 10 minutes and he honestly said I think you were destined to come into the store today! I cannot wait to try the sandwich and the liquid smoke (something else I recommended). It was awesome!



Fresh cut veggies for busy people and familes


Cute seasonal themed sugar cookies made right in front of you by pastry chefs


A made fresh salsa bar with alternating recipes (I need to try the new mango!)


And a mix-n-match bean bar for a $1.99/lb


A beautiful flower and plant section where you can get anything you want from a Christmas tree to a corsage.

IMG_0192 IMG_0193

Sometime really random things like a bear that says hottie


Or a pineapple sitting on a table in the organic section.


It shouldn’t fit, but because it’s Wegmans, it does!

And an AMAZING coffee and café area which I would like to address today.



A few weeks ago I went in like I always do to eat lunch and get coffee on my day off. It’s kind of a ritual I look forward to because it’s relaxing, stress free and for once, people serve ME the coffee! I bought my large coffee and proceeded to fill my cup with half organic decaf and half Madagascar vanilla (so awesome I know…) Yet, when I looked for the soy milk to give a bit of creaminess to my cup, it was no where to be found. No problem, sometimes the staff forgets to put it out so I went back to the side counter and asked for it. A woman who I know fairly well as a regular customer said that now they must charge $0.50 extra for soy, whole and almond milk. I asked why and they said it was a management decision. I understand how pricing works and that it is not up to staff, so I thanked her for the information and settled for the non-dairy powdered creamer. The cup was ok and I figured I would adjust or start drinking it black.


However, I did tweet at Wegmans (why, I have no idea) about my shock considering the price increase. I was not rude, I just simply stated that I was surprised that soy milk was so much more expensive than regular for the company and that it was a #veganproblem.


They tweeted back immediately saying they were sorry for my dismay and would let my concerns be known to the proper people. I figured it was a done deal and didn’t give it another thought except to lament for the cows who gave the milk.

Well, this morning I received another tweet from the company saying that due to the concerns of me and others, soy milk will not be charged for effective ASAP.

I WAS FLABBERGHASTED! This is honestly the most direct action I have seen in my vegan activism! Who would have thought that tweeting to a company about my dislike of their creamery options would actually yield any results? This is such a win for the Ithaca vegan community!

Sometimes, I get downtrodden about activism or anything really because I feel my opinions aren’t heard. I love twitter because I feel people actually respond (as long as your not tweeting Kim Kardashian because come on, she has so many bigger things to worry about than favoring your tweet). One of the reason Obama won the last election was because his staff responded to every tweet and followed every follower. This kind of acknowledgement has serious power.

I already do most of my shopping at Wegmans, but because of this latest activity, I will tell others to do so as well.

Have you had success using social media as a platform for change?

What is your twitter handle? 


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