Lincoln Up #15 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Not much of an intro tonight guys because I forgot I scheduled this to post this morning…and forgot to complete it! It is Superbowl Sunday and so my best friend and I are going to our guy friend’s house to watch Gilmore Girls and eat sushi. Doesn’t that sound like a WIN?! My favorite article this week was the thought provoking post about fake vegan food. Personally I need to call things like they are. Cheese made from almonds or cashews is still cheese, it’s not fake. Fake is the MSG and other chemicals put into most packaged food that makes them last forever. Seitan is not fake meat, it is wheat gluten that has a similar texture to a slaughtered animal flesh (ew, why would you eat that?) In order to normalize plant based foods in the mainstream, we must not refer to them as alternatives or fakes, but as what should be diet staples. You wouldn’t refer to a banana as “fake bread” just because they are both high carbohydrate foods would you?



Food Is A Death Sentence To These Kids :: Prader Willi’s syndrome is something no child should have to cope with. Not being able to control satiety is a death sentence.

Does This Grim Kate Middleton Signal the “End Times” :: This is the first photoshop I’ve seen in a while that actually tries to make a celebrity look worse. Granted, I read Runner’s World and Self magazine where the celebrities are made to look gorgeous…but what is the point of destroying a Princess’ beauty? Isn’t there anything better to do?

The Upper-Middle Class is Ruining American :: We all hear about the billionaires, but collectively, the wealthy middle class has more power to make life worse for the bottom tier of the middle class. “These are households with enough money to make modest political contributions, enough time to email their elected officials and to sign petitions, and enough influence to sway their neighbors.”



Men Shatter the Lies We Tell About What it Means to be a Man :: My new favorite website is Everyday Feminism, after you watch this article, keep reading!

10 Backhanded Compliments People Give You When You’re Into Fitness :: How about “You’re really into health aren’t you?” If you’re healthy, you’re into fitness. Being fit is simultaneous with being healthy.

Why Some People Change But Others Stay Stuck :: Trauma, although devastating, provides a look inside to discover what is meaningful. Only when we acknowledge that life is empty are we inspired to change it.

I Found Out My Girlfriend Of 4 Months Is HIV Positive :: An honest story with a beautiful ending. I hope we all would be as accepting as this.



Vegan W*nker :: “The biggest question you get asked is what do you miss the most? The truth is: nothing. There is no loss. There is no grief. It is all gain. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

Why Eating Cheese is Cruel to Cows :: Explain it to a 5 year old, they get it.

David Carter’s Gameday Snacks :: I just love articles that show the diversity in the Vegan community. I can’t wait to try some of these out next week!

100 Year Old WWII Vet, Surgeon, Vegan :: I think they should start making MREs with a vegan option! I bet this guy would agree.

Stop Calling Vegan Food Fake! :: No edible food is “fake”. “Vegan food” is simply food. A great article on how vegans should talk about they food we eat.



5 Races to Watch on Superbowl Weekend :: Even though these are on Saturday, this sounds a lot more exciting than watching monstrous men crash into each other while drunk people cheer them on. I have read about D’Augostino and Hasay for a while and cannot wait to see how they do!

Are Athletes Really Getting Bigger, Faster and Stronger? :: This TedTalk by David Epstein delves into the reasons records are broken everyday and we all seem to be getting better at athletics with each passing year.



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