Current Obsessions in Early February

Today already is so much brighter than yesterday! We got about a foot of snow (which I successfully got off the top and sides of my car). This morning greeted me with sun and a feeling of Spring! The beginning of February has brought with it a few new pleasures in my life. Life’s too short not to enjoy things, especially in winter πŸ™‚

1) … guilty pleasure.

If I had to be honest, my guilty pleasure as of late has beenΒ making manyΒ running related purchases. I have signed up for about three races in the past week, bought two pairs of new shoes, a water bottle and nutrition for long rides and of course paying for that good old gym membership. I know I need to stop signing up for so many things, but as the winter gets colder and darker, racing season is one thing that makes me see the light of Spring.


2) … food.

Yesterday I posted a recipe for cheesy vegan quinoa. I have eaten it the past two days and if not for other things going bad in my fridge, I would make it again today. I am lucky actually because after Instagramming the crap out of it, my little sister texted me a recipe for cheesy quinoa with broccoli that she wants to come over and make. It’s a vegan recipe using sweet potatoes and nutritional yeast instead of my vegan yogurt and cheddar recipe. I’m anxious to try it!


3) … obsession.

This mug, which was an impulse buy on Sunday. I used to collect mugs when I first started drinking coffee. I really would go to thrift stores looking for them. After I had a couple boxes, I realized that the only ones with sentimental value were the ones I used…so I kept those and gave the rest back to the Salvation Army. Now the only ones I buy are ones attached with a memory. I think the phrase on this mug explains itself πŸ™‚


4) … bane of existence.

The most meaningful thing in my life right now is working on my mom’s website. It is really hard to maintain focus and only do one thing at a time. When I get done working on it all afternoon, I am really pleased with what I have done. I cannot wait till it goes live and hopefully will drive traffic to her store. I’ll share the details when I get the website off the ground!

5) … link.

Hmm…I’ve been following Ali’s blog for about a year. I’ve seen it morph from Farmer’s Market Vegan to Chickpeas and Change recently because she wants the blog to take a new direction, less food/vegan and more social activism. She recently wrote a post about the whiteness in food bloggers that is worth a read.

Your turn…

What is your guilty pleasure?

Got any good links for me to check out?



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