I’ve MADE IT! My Vegan CTB Sandwich!

Well folks I’ve done it! I have put together my favorite flavors in a simple, yet satisfying vegan sandwich for the Collegetown Bagels Menu.

When I began this project (which will keep going as I experiment more and I’ll keep you updated) I thought I wanted a complicated sandwich with a million ingredients. The veggie burger is delicious, yet has a subtle flavor that lends well to sweet, savory and tangy flavors. It tasted good with the vegan mozzarella and red sauce. It was deliciously messy with the BBQ sauce…but I think I nailed it with the latest combo.

I will continue to make different sandwiches with the veggie burger patty, but I think this sandwich deserves the label “The Ellie Belly” named by my co-worker Jill. If I called it anything else, she might kill me. This sandwich has all the components I need, cheese, veggies, sautéed onions and it’s a wrap. Everything says Ellie!

I began with a spinach wrap. My favorite wrap is the garlic herb, but the flavor was too strong for the other flavors inside the sandwich. I spread a nice layer of Toffutti cream cheese on the wrap.


I then steamed onions in the microwave (the more the better) but my manager thinks I will have to just have regular onions when I pitch it to my boss because the microwave is an extra (but worth it!) step…we’ll see. I guess when you microwave the veggie burger, you could do the onions too…I need to work out logistics. I put the hot onions on top on the cream cheese so the cheese could get melty and infiltrate the other veggies.



I then layered tomatoes and spinach on top of the cheese and onions before finally topping that with the veggie burger patty. Disclaimer: I did salt each layer because I love salt…This is not necessary for anyone else.

Then it was time to WRAP IT UP!


It was…AMAZING! Everything worked together so well and nothing overpowered any other ingredient. I want the veggie burger to be the star which is hard because of it’s light flavor. That was the problem with the BBQ sauce and the parm ideas, they hid the veggie burger. By adding softer flavors to the wrap, it kept the veggie burger as the most important item.

It worked beautifully. I am proud to call this The Ellie Belly!


Spinach Wrap

Steamed onions

Veggie burger

Toffutti cream cheese



What do you think of my sandwich?

Do you use cream cheese on your sandwiches?


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