Lincoln Up #16 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! What a week it has been! I had more time to read articles this week having three days off so that means more info for you! Check out the kitchen hacks that will make your life so much easier! Have a great Sunday!



My Big Fat Fabulous Life and Fat Shaming Culture :: Starting off the week with a big one, “Loving my body is a radical step towards health in a sick society”

Lululemon Founder Steps Down :: I stopped liking Lululemon after the yoga pants incident. If the new chairman of the board actually has some morals, I might consider buying from them…just kidding, who can afford $100 leggings?

How A Better Diet Can Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms :: My dad suffers with chronic mucus and inflammation, maybe if I provide him with some science telling him to get off dairy, he might listen!

Doc McStuffins (a cartoon) Has More Evidence Based Science Than Dr. Oz :: Oh Dr. Oz…how a children’s show has more scientific validity than your show makes me giggle a whole lot!

Woman with Extra Skin From Weight Loss Gets Her Photoshoot :: I applaud Shape magazine for righting the wrong. They knew they messed up and got it right the second time. #BetterLateThanNever



What The Lord Of The Rings Taught Me About Fitness :: We all can be led astray by fad diets or evil wizards, but friends will keep us on the right track, whether that means the treadmill or to destroy the ring at Mordor

5 Ways to Develop Better Pacing :: I use the treadmill. It works!

New Study Cites Link Between Running and Cardiac Event :: “Sudden death during strenuous exercise is uncommon,” Schulman added. “Most of those who die during exercise had pre-existing conditions that were augmented by the strenuous exercise.”

What Runners Say Versus What They Mean :: You won’t see me for two hours and I’m not bringing my phone = BLISS! :: This is so interesting! Who needs gels?!



20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are :: I needed this on Wednesday when I was feeling anxious. Turns out, I’m doing alright.

6 Myths About How Universities Are Spending Student Fees :: This made me feel better about the constant construction that going on at Cornell. It also stimulates the local economy and provides jobs. I forget this.



50 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier :: I love the idea of using a cookie cutter to make eggs into different shapes…I have used this for shaping veggie burgers!

What Are The Worst Things To Spend Money On? :: Whenever I stress out about money, I remember how much I could be losing if I were addicted to cigarettes…then I feel much better!



10 Arguments Against a Vegan Lifestyle :: I was just thinking earlier about how I need to brush up on my vegan facts, then this came on my radar. A great tune-up to stay cognizant of the issues in a busy life. :: I love the openness of the author. They are obviously biased towards their opinion, but they make it clear that whether a restaurant wants to remove meat from it’s menu for environmental concerns…it’s their own damn business!


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