Last Week’s Workout Recap and Running Blessings [02/01-02/08]

I probably should have posted this recap yesterday but I was SO EXCITED about my buffalo chickpea recipe that I had to share it to make your Monday super marvelous! I also like participating in Meatless Mondays from Fuel Your Future with Tina Muir and Confessions Of A Mother Runner

Meatless Monday
I forgot to link-up yesterday with their site…but if you ever want the link, head over the right side of my page for great meals and two GREAT BLOGS by two amazing runners!
Last week held a great bunch of running!
Sunday: Cross-training on elliptical 1 hour
Monday: 3×1 mile repeats at half marathon pace with mile recovery at marathon pace
Tuesday: 6 miles and 1.5 hour easy bike
Wednesday: 8×600 at 5K pace with 45 second recovery plus 20 minute warm-up at 10:00 per mile pace
Thursday: 10 mile long run at 7:30pace
Friday: 3×1 mile repeats at half marathon pace with mile recovery at marathon pace
Saturday: 12 mile long run with 1.5 hour bike
What a great week! I am loving the slow bike rides, I get so much reading done!
jane green2Β janegreen1Β jane green3
I am so tempted to sign up for a half marathon next month but have held back for reasons I do not know. I think I might not sign up yet because I have till basically the day before the race to get the same price and just in case I fall into financial trouble I don’t want to spend money I don’t have.
I also signed up for the May Day 5K on May 2nd here in Trumansburg NY. I am actually doing the 5 mile course. I plan to tack it on the end of a longer run. I might run 6 or so miles earlier and then go to the race and try to run fast on fatigued legs. That plan sounds great now…I bet my body will fight against me later haha.
Some running blessings:
I have remained injury free for the past couple months
I now share a bit a running fun with my sister
I may have another opportunity to run with a different Ithaca based company
I have not slipped in the snow when I jog to the gym πŸ™‚
Quinoa dinner date
Do you read on the bike/elliptical?
What are your running blessings?


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