IT’S ALMOST SPRING! 5 Ways to get over SAD!

Today is February 11th and that means it’s almost March. Why is this important? I personally consider December, January and February the “winter months” so March is Spring! This is more exciting than going to see Fifty Shades of Gray on Valentine’s Day!


I cannot believe the winter is almost over. I really feel that on March 1st, I have the permission to be happier. I have a more positive outlook because Spring is here. In the past, I have had Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is more than just the winter blues. I don’t feel like I’ve even suffered winter blues this year. Partly due to actively avoiding getting depressed about the weather and partly due to having a car so I don’t have to walk as much, I have enjoyed all that winter has brought.

A few things this year that worked for me to avoid winter depression were getting out and still seeing people. I try hard not to just hole up in my room and wait the winter out. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a large part of winter nights reading or watching Netflix alone, but I also had people to go to when I didn’t want the winter to force me into isolation. Countless times in the wind and sub-zero temperatures, I made the trek to my friend’s house after dinner to play with her cats, hang out and watch our shows. During the winter, I don’t like to stay out late when it’s dark or go to many bars because it’s so cold I can’t enjoy it. She still does do those things, but always hangs out with me beforehand.

I really appreciate her acceptance of my runner-nerd behavior. She knows I don’t like to stay out too late, that I like my sleep and that I go running really early some days if I have an early work shift. It’s normal for me to do that. She treats it like so.

IMG_0133 IMG_0132

Another thing I did was maintain a Twitter feed that sends me positive messages. Everyday I am reminded of Spring running weather, positive vegan messages, recipes, workout motivation or just good news that makes me happy. Even when winter began in December, I could see Spring on the horizon.


Searching the web for ways to avoid SAD was important too. The following list are the best nutrition tips I found that will help you make it through the final push of winter. We’re almost there! Start defrosting the road shoes!


1.) Omega-3s

Walnuts, flaxseeds and oils are all great mood-boosters when it comes to beating the winter blues

2.) Meatless Monday

Tryptophan is found in soy, nuts and seeds and provides the happy feeling commonly associated with the after Thanksgiving meal. Tryptophan is effective is that it converts to niacin and serotonin helping mood and sleep.

3.) B Vitamins

B vitamin, riboflavin (B2), is highly encouraged for the role it plays in helping you benefit from tryptophan.

4.) Go Nuts

Need I say more? The good fats contain riboflavin, tryptophan, niacin, and polyunsaturated fats, nuts, including almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and pistachios, offer a spectrum of nutrients that help your body naturally boost your energy and mood.

5.) Vitamin D

It’s hard to get sunlight this time of year, making this nutrient even more important to get through food. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption and lows levels are associated with depression.

How do you beat the winter blues?




  1. So many people think SAD isn’t real — but I worked at a PR company that represented a lighting company so I did lots of research on it and it’s a very real thing! Great tips here! It’s easy to hole up in your room and avoid people/events but that only makes the effects of SAD worse.

  2. Everything is more exciting than going to see Fifty Shades of Gray. I am so happy winter is almost over. It’s been an especially gloomy winter in my town this year. My husband has SAD and it’s been hard this year with the terrible weather we’ve been having. I give him vitamin D sups when I can. These are great tips.

    • So true! It was -3 all day today! Luckily I had to work or I would have gone crazy staying inside! I was so much better when I was little. I would just make pillow forts and play house all day

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