Grin and bear it…or take some meds

When I have a headache, I usually just try to grin and bear it. I figure it will pass soon enough and there’s no point in taking a pill that could compromise my immune system or give me a tummy ache.

pain reliever3

The headache I have and have had for the past two days is not this type of thing.

Usually, when I feel sick or nauseous, I can attribute it to low blood sugar, thirst or exhaustion. Therefore, the remedy is usually food, drink or sleep.

This is not one of those times, and I want to rant about it Out Loud.

pain reliever2

It all started a couple nights ago. I was about to get in bed and wanted a bit of chocolate to send me into slumber. So I got a spoon and the chocolate butter jar, intending to have one spoonful. Just as I was swallowing it, my chest seized. I really thought I was having a heart attack (I don’t know what that feels like so probably not), and even before I fully swallowed the chocolate, I was on the floor in a fetal position. The feeling went away after a few minutes, and I wiped off the sweat and got into bed.

The next day my stomach felt, not off, but different. Because it didn’t hurt, I did not think anything of it. I went through my day and was fine.

Yesterday I woke up with a wonky stomach and was fine until I got out of the shower after my workout. I suddenly felt so tired and sick, I had to take a nap before work and I hadn’t been awake for three hours yet! I thought about calling in to work (something I NEVER do) but didn’t because I was going to yoga and out for burritos after work with a friend. I got to work and felt pretty much ok until we closed. I felt so tired I told my friend I would most likely fall asleep at yoga. She suggested we skip it and just go for dinner.

So that’s what we did.

I felt ok till I went to sleep. This last night I woke up sweating three times, went to the bathroom twice and just felt terrible. I woke up feeling better so I went out for my run. I felt mostly ok and my headache only got worse when I got home (right now).

pain reliever

Enough it enough. I decided to put aside the problems I have with pain reliever and take some meds. Now that I’m eating and the drugs are starting to kick in, I’m feeling better. I wonder if I had taken the drugs before my run I would have felt better sooner.

What do you think about pain reliever?

When you’re sick, what things do you to feel better when you still have to work?



  1. Ack. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, girl — hope you feel better soon! There seem to be a lot of weird bugs going around lately, and I’ve known a good handful of people who were complaining about odd aches and stomach woes. I guess it’s just that time of the year.

    • Yea it’s getting better, it makes you really appreciate food when all you can eat for two days is applesauce and bread πŸ™‚

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