Lincoln Up #17 [The Best I Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Happy Post Valentine’s Day bloggers! I had a wonderful day full of brunch and a singles wine pairing and dinner party. It was really relaxing and fun…even though I had to walk home in a white out :-X

I hope you enjoy this week’s articles as much as I did!




17 Vegan Sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids :: I need to do more with chia seeds…maybe I should grow a chia pet, that would be fantastic!

From Beyoncé to the Baftas, Veganism is Becoming Mainstream ::  “Alvin Roth, a Nobel prizewinning economist and professor at Stanford and Harvard universities, recently predicted that meat-eating would soon become “repugnant” to the general population.”



7 Ways to Make Your Running Shoes Last Longer :: Because no one should spend $150 a month on shoes.

Mile Markers Epiphany :: “I don’t know that there is any research on this, but I wonder if EMDR(eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is similar to the effects of running. As a runner processes difficult things, the alternating right-left slap of the feet may have the same effect as EMDR in creating pathways between the hemispheres of the brain, allowing for processing and release.”

Tim Price Sleeps in His Truck, and Wins Hilton Head Marathon :: I could see myself sleeping in my car if I didn’t have a place to stay before the race…or a tent.



The University of Vermont Recognizes a Third Gender :: I remember when my best friend played Snoopy in a high school musical production…she was labelled “gender neutral”…her boobs gave her away.

Why Shark Tank’s ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Thinks Women Make Better CEOs :: Spoken from the man himself, “Attributes that I have observed are that they take less risk, they are more goal orientated in terms of setting targets and meeting them.”



The Most Common Job in Each State :: Truck drivers are taking over the world! I wonder what qualifies as a truck driver? Do deliver drivers and taxis could too?

10 People Who Are Accidentally Extremely Photogenic :: I need to remember to make a sexy face during my next race…except usually that means I just look constipated.

What To Do Instead of Tipping at a Restaurant :: I love this and am now going to do it when I go out to eat! Tip the people who deserve it!



Once Ithaca Street Performers, Local Band Wins Grammy :: This is pretty awesome for my hometown! We have so many talented individuals here thanks to the acceptance of expression combined with one of America’s best music schools. I hope they come to the summer concert series this year.

Newfield Man, Age 50, Wins World Powerlifting Record :: Breaking records all over the place this week! Congratulations James Howell!



8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food :: After feeling like I ate too much chocolate yesterday and considering a detox, I read this and gave myself a break. It was one day, I’m fine…and it was DELICIOUS!

20 Paradoxes That Contradict Human Thought :: My favorite one: Only after you accept yourself in the moment will you ever be able to change.


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