The Five Things I Used To Do On a Snowday Off From School

The past two days have provided a lovely mix of negative temperatures and snowy conditions. Schools are closed, my work is not and I have took more naps in the past two days than a care to admit. The best thing about being an adult in bad weather is that it’s an excuse to do just that: nap. I also have polished off a few books and worked a lot. When working is inside, you appreciate it much more and are willing to go in earlier and stay longer. 

When I was younger, I lived for snowdays. Much to my mom’s detriment, I looked forward to not going to school and being by her all day. Sure, I never really asked much of her, but the proximity was what I longed for. If I needed her, she was there.

Before I get too sentimental, I want to look back at how I entertained myself. Before computers, before cell phones and before TV…ok not really but my mom had a strict no TV policy for snowdays. 

I never napped, I read a bit, but I was never bored. I was actually a genius at finding things to do. Now when I look at the naps and books I log on my snowdays, I can look back and think that I did a lot when I was younger and that makes up for the general laziness I feel when the temperature dips below my preferences. 

1.) Build a pillow fort

Who didn’t do this? One of the qualms I have with this generation of kids growing up with technology is that they will never experience the pillow fort. It’s too much effort to get out the card tables and blankets and make a castle. They would rather make virtual castles and kill people in video games than play. It’s a thing I will never understand or know. Only time will tell if the techno generation really will be better than the past.

2.) Play in the snow

Ok I also built forts of the snow and ice variety. My brother and I would spend hours building a tunnel through the huge snow pile my dad would make with his tractor. Then we would make one through the top and slide through. I had minor claustrophobia…but since he was there with me, it was fun. Good things happened when my mom kicked us outside and locked the door.


We tried, but I still have never finished a game, but I am a pro at stealing from the bank πŸ˜‰

4.) Ice skate…and then drink 8 cups of hot chocolate

We had a pond out back that my dad would shovel off (ok, we would do it with his instruction) and then skate on. This skating mostly meant playing cops and robbers or hockey, some bloody noses and many falls. It was all made better when mom called us inside with a plate of cookies and hot cocoa. Bonus was if it had the mini marshmallows inside!

5.) Talk for hours on the phone [**correction, laugh for hours on the phone]

Point blank, my best friend and I could talk on the phone for hours. Half of that time was spent laughing at something we both found funny but could not put into words. I cannot build memories like that!

What did you do on your snowdays? 

Do they have days off from school in the south?


One comment

  1. Ah school days. I grew up in a town where snow was so rare that if we got a dusting the schools would shut down. By noon it would be all melted but we’d still have the day off. So no snow forts, but lots of pillow forts.

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