Bruises be damned! Time for Ten Mile Tuesday!

Yesterday, I fell down a big hill. It hurt, but it was not debilitating. I still ran on it and worked all day on my feet. IMG_0230

Sure, I could feel it and had to be more careful but I could do my daily duties with relative ease. IMG_0229 IMG_0228

When I got home last night, it was a different study. It did hurt to walk. I finally peeled off my pants and my knee was blue with a nice red raspberry accent. I felt like a badass for about thirty seconds until I wondered if I had done considerable damage. I decided to ice it and take an anti-inflammatory.


This morning, I woke up with no pain except if you touch the area. I wore my trail shoes outside getting to the gym and did my scheduled ten miler. I felt no pain at all.


I feel so lucky to have only acquired surface wounds. The great thing about surface wounds is they look like you’re a warrior, but do not adverse affect daily activity. It’s like getting a shark bite…ok not really… IMG_0232

Another positive outcome of this experience is that I am no longer afraid to fall. I moved on and kept going. The biggest fear for me when trail running is the high chance I will fall. My slip yesterday eased my mind a bit. If I can survive a fall down a hill of ice and snow, I can survive tripping over a root.

Have you ever taken a spill?

How bad was it?   



  1. Oooo what a good metaphor for life about not being afraid to fall anymore 🙂 haha.

    When I played basketball I used to love bruises because they were like battle wounds to me. You really do feel like a badass! But still, ouch! Glad it doesn’t seem like anything too serious.

    • Oh yea the basketball burns! I had the WORST black and blue knees from volleyball actually. My coach didn’t believe in knee pads haha

  2. Oh NO 😦 So sorry! It does make you look pretty hardcore, on the bright side.

    I’ve tripped and fallen and scraped up my knee on the same exact sneaky root on a nearby running trail twice in a 2 week span! It happened a few months ago but there are still some scars…needless to say, I’ve been avoiding that trail since then.

  3. Those are some intense bruises! I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken a really bad fall, or had an epic bruise, but I’m sure it involved a sports ball of some kind because I’m terrible at sports.

      • Geez. I tried out for volleyball in middle school (I’m terrible at sports though so I didn’t make it) but for that entire week I had tiny little polka dot bruises on my arms from hitting the ball.

  4. Definitely badass!! I fall all the time (unfortunately). I’m just clumsy I guess. Get them out of the way while you’re younger – they tend to hurt more as you get older (speaking from experience).

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