Well…if this is what peer pressure looks like, I like the Gold, Shiny facade!

Well I finally did it.

I succumbed to the pressure I’ve felt ever since I heard the word.

At first, my carrier did not sell the product, so I was able to tell people “oh, Verizon does not have those phones, so I’m stuck with my Blackberry…sigh” [Really, I did not want to learn how to use a new device].


Then when I went off my parent’s plan, the pay-as-you-go function did not have them as well. I was safe yet again, although I could feel the allure.

A year into that plan, I bought my first smartphone Android device. At first, I did not understand everything so I wrote it off. It reminds me of my mom still “writing off” the internet sometimes when she gets frustrated. Like it’s something that will go away soon because people will find out how useles it is….yep, my thinking was cloudy.


After I had the phone a few months…yes months…I went into the app store. I downloaded some new fun apps like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so I could access recipes if I was not at my house or catch up on news from Twitter during my breaks at work. I started to really appreciate the Instagram feature because often times I get ideas for lunch or dinner or read inspiring quotes that make my day better.

I was a total smartphone believer, but never obsessed. I still hate feeling connected all the time. I do not take my phone to places where it’s strictly Ellie time. I don’t take it running or to the gym. When I am reading, it goes on silent. Other than taking a few pictures if I am out with people, I ignore text messages unless it is someone trying to find out where we are.

I consider that rude. Point blank. If you cannot tear your eyes away from a device to actually pretend to want to be with me, why are we friends? Luckily, I do not have to deal with that so much in my social circles.


Anyway, back to yesterday. My Android is almost two years old and it has started to get buggy. I noticed this first when the weather started getting colder. I took it to different Verizon stores and outlets and they didn’t really have a way to fix the phone. It is an old model and not compatible with some new technologies. For example, sometimes I cannot get photos or large text messages from people that are important. I sometimes get missed calls from weeks prior that I had no idea came to me. It was kind of ridiculous, but I dealt with it because I am not so connected to my phone that it’s a lifeline. If I forget is sometimes, it’s not the end of the world. It’s almost peaceful.

Yesterday I went to the Verizon store to see what the benefit would be to getting on a monthly plan for myself rather than stay with pay-as-you-go. Really, pay-as-you-go has been great for me starting out. You can get the most basic package for $60 and pay each month or do as I did, put a couple hundred in to start and have them withdraw a sum without you having to get a paper bill. It was nice.


When I talked to the store salesman, I found out my payment a month would go up about $7 because they were running a president’s day special. Rather than $87 each month, I will pay $67. I get more data, more battery life, better quality and the newest version of the iPhone.

So yes, I did it. I am not the owner of an iPhone 6, of the gold variety.


I chose this because it was on sale really cheap for the holiday sale, the 6 plus was just too big…and I do not plan on buying a new phone again for a very long time. It works out to about $0.30 per day. As much as I use my phone, and I’m not even that connected, it is so worth it.

Thinking about it in financial terms, there are things I can give up that work out to $0.30 a day for a year.

I made a good decision.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Find me on INSTAGRAM: E11ePe11

TWITTER: E11iePe11

What are your favorite apps?

Have you gone for the iPhone or other device?

Anything I should know?


One comment

  1. Nice iPhone! I have the 4. My husband and I upgraded from brick phones almost 2 years ago. If you double tap the home button it’ll show you all your open apps. You can swipe them up to close them and it saves more battery life. Smart phones are awesome, and definitely have their perks. That’s not a bad deal for a new iPhone. I pay $25/month for unlimited talk, text, and web. I pay full price for the phone, but in the long term it’s cheap. Not bad service either. I hope you like your iPhone!

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