Lincoln Up #18 [The Best I Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to the 18th edition of Lincoln Up. As usual, many good articles this week for your Sunday pleasure. My favorite would have to be the first one, thinking of fitness as a skill rather than a talent. A skill can always be improved whereas a talent is innate. Therefore fitness is a way to become a well-rounded mature person. I also loved the Ithaca tourism website’s funny page about NOT coming to Ithaca. I agree, we should all go to Florida.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



Fitness Is A Skill, Not A Talent :: I like the way they categorize people into two groups: those with a fixed minset and a growth mindset. The growth mindset allows for change and accepts shortfalls in order to do that.

5 Ways To Feel Great No Matter What You Eat :: I go back to a basic principle, choose what I want in the moment that makes me feel happy.

10 Foods That Boost Your Energy :: All of these are PLANT BASED. I think that is the key. Don’t eat a steak for energy, eat a banana.



Ithaca Tourism Website Makes National New :: We tell people the truth, go to Florida and come in the summer. It’s too cold here.

The Best College Towns For People Who Aren’t In College :: Not at this time of year…



The Real Problem With Bread :: Because there isn’t enough gluten in bread, we add more. The perfect way to make people get sick on too much of it.



50 Songs From the 2000s You Forgot Existed :: YES PLEASE I MISSED ASHLEE SIMPSON! ❤



The New Dietary Guidelines and What It Means For Vegans :: Last time, avoiding meat was just for health, this time telling Americans not to murder their food is also for the environment.

Shrimp Farming Linked To Human Slavery :: WHAT IS THIS?!?! “The victims, according to Trent, typically come from poorer countries near Thailand such as Burma, Cambodia, and Laos, which together supply 90 percent of the 300,000 shrimp workers in Thailand. Some are lured by promises of well-paid factory jobs only to be forced aboard fishing boats where they are held captive”

Seven Things Only Vegans Will Understand :: And number 8, reminding people that the peanut butter and jelly sandwich they just ate was vegan…”something they could never do.”

The Vegan Chocolate Snickers Bar :: Sweet Jesus I need to make this recipe…except I am kind of perplexed as to the author’s point about how a Snicker’s bar will save the vegan movement. We don’t need saving, we’re growing everyday!



8 Ways Track Has Prepared You To Win The Hunger Games :: #1 all the way….I would also just hide hahha

Another Marathon Runner Gets A Drug Ban :: This is so sad, but Shalane Flanagan says it best, she can take is easier on herself for not winning because she would rather lose than cheat to win.

The Tomato Backpack For Joggers :: This is pretty awesome! I would put apples in it…or donuts 🙂

It’s All Good: Forget the Comparisons :: Since when did running a mile become “Just a mile”. Every run counts, nothing is “too little”.


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