Meatless Monday [Brownie Batter Oats via The Big Man]

Full disclosure: I did not create this recipe. I modified it.

That credit goes to Arman over at The Big Man’s World and his recipe genius. Recently he has begun sampling different diets that are mainstream fads. First he went for the paleo approach and is now onto the vegan challenge. I personally hope he falls in love with it and never goes back…

Ahh…I can dream can’t I?

I use a lot of his recipes for my morning breakfast or as a snack. The most recently one that caught my eye was an overnight oat concoction that had the word “brownie” in the title. I automatically thought of CHOCOLATE and YES I CAN USE UP THE REST OF MY VANILLA ALMOND MILK!


Problem: Solved

Result: Delicious!

Go on over to his blog for this recipe and more like it!

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Vegan Brownie Batter Oats

1/2 cup oats

1 cup almond milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 chia egg (1 T chia seeds + 3 T water)

1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder

1 T coconut flour

1 T cocoa powder

3 T crunchy pb for topping

Combine the oats and milk in a microwave safe dish. Microwave for 2-3 minutes stirring after each minute until most of the liquid is absorbed. Add the vanilla and chia egg and microwave for another minute. Mix in the protein powder, coconut flour and cocoa powder until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. Store in the fridge overnight. In the morning, you can eat it cold, or do as I’ve done and warm it up in the microwave and put a lot of peanut butter on it.


If you want it sweeter, add 1 T of sugar to the batter when you add the chia egg. If you want it more chocolately, use chocolate protein powder.

Have a great Monday.

Meatless Monday




  1. Ooooh great recipe (thanks Arman!) glad you tried it and enjoyed it. Sounds yummy! I am trying to have oats a bit more now rather than cereal. Thanks for joining us again 🙂

    • You’re welcome! That’s funny because I just bought a box of cereal the other day because I have been craving it! 🙂 All in due time!

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