Two Things Tuesday [Cereal and Sour Eggs]

The blogs I love the most are the ones that tell the daily lives of their bloggers. I hate reading “10 tips to eat more kale” or “5 ab workouts” or anything informational. If I wanted that, I could google it. I like blogs I can relate to. I have been guilty of trying to tell people some secret about how I am happy in everyday life…but honestly, everyone is different so what works for me probably won’t work for you.

Maybe crunches does get me great abs whereas you might be better off with planks.

Maybe I HATE putting kale in anything besides a smoothie, but you love eating it with everything.

Why should I tell someone else they would be better if they did such a thing?

My blog is not a self-help guide. It is my way of writing about myself. I like it. I like reading about other people’s lives. That’s how I want my blog to be. This post is getting back to that. I’m going to write about my life, go on a rant about something if I want to or share something I believe in. I am never again going to try and write a healthy living post because that’s not who I am.

Two Things Tuesday

1.) I love my coworkers. They are some of the funnest people I know and I feel blessed to work with them. When there is a sour egg…everyone is affected. We have a sour egg at CTB and I have not been the greatest at dealing with her. I let my sarcasm out and have recently been feeling guilty for doing it. This past weekend, one of my other coworkers said I was not nice after a comment I made. It hit me hard because I am usually the one to say those things. I am the one who usually tries to see the best in people. After a long few months of this bad egg’s attitude, I was spent and could not find a silver lining about her anymore. Well, I’m going to keep trying. There is no point in letting her have control over my attitude. I’m done.


2.) I have rediscovered a love of oatmeal and cereal. As you may remember, I am a strict pb&j with banana for breakfast. I think I went about three months having nothing else. This was not a dietary restriction or anything, I just LOVE the combo (it’s the 5 year old child in me) and it was easy. Well, Arman posted a vegan brownie batter oatmeal recipe last week, I had the correct ingredients, the stars aligned and I made it. I do not regret it at all! It was delicious and also reminded me that there are other breakfast foods outside of my pb&j. Today I’m having a bowl of cereal! Full disclosure here: I will probably just replace my lunch with pb&j hahahahaha Old habits die hard.


What are your favorite blogs to read?

Your turn! Two things Tuesday!


One comment

  1. Ugh I just recently started having SMALL instances with one of my coworkers that have rubbed me REALLY wrong. I let them go each time because they are no where near worth dwelling on, but when I see that we are working together I get a little irritated.

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