Lincoln Up #19 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to this week’s installment of Lincoln Up! This week more fitness and health articles caught my eye, but don’t miss the facts that will ruin your childhood. Ok, it’s not that bad, more really interesting! Have a great Sunday!



Aim To Finish Strong :: When I feel like I haven’t had the best workout of I wasn’t feeling it, adding even one minute of a fast pace at the end boosts my confidence and prepares me to crush my next workout. Try it!

Tips For and Optimal Day Not Running :: It’s what you do when you’re not training that makes training easier and more effective.

8 Surprisingly Healthy Foods For Runners :: No kale or chia seeds in sight, these recommendations look like a typical day for the life of Ellie

Should Athletes Eat Fat or Carbs?Β :: This article is very unbiased in giving each camp [high carb v high fat] their due diligence. As always, it’s whatever works for you.



Tips For Making A Switch To A Plant Based Diet :: When I went vegan, I ate pb&j for almost every meal until I was comfortable to experiment. The slow you go, the better it sticks!

How To Get That Healthy Vegan Glow :: I could really go for some Vitamin RS right now πŸ™‚

Why The Man Who Brought Us The Glycemic Index Wants You To Go Vegan :: It’s not just for health, Dr. Jenkins recognizes in a concise way the environmental and animal welfare concerns.



12 Fruits and Veggies With The Most PesticidesΒ :: I wonder where bananas fall on this scale. I’d say because they have a peel, they are pretty safe. [THANK GOD!]

NASDAQ Offers Advice: Don’t Invest In MeatΒ :: Advice to stockholders, do not give money to murder. Recipe for success.



Facts That Will Ruin Your Childhood :: The one about the Maurader’s Map…OMG!

12 Ways You’re Making Your Coffee Wrong :: Fresh ground beans makes a difference! I’ve also heard storing grounds in the freezer keeps them fresher longer.

3 Habits To Turn To When You’re In A Funk :: Matt is so relatable (just listen to his podcast!) so everything that works for him, I try because it’s more likely to work for the regular person like me. We all get in a rut especially this time of year. This post couldn’t be more relevant.


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