Oreo Overnight Oats

I have a small rant to start this Meatless Monday. I have a problem who use veganism to disguise their orthorexia. I am speaking in terms of The Balanced Blonde (formerly the Blonde Vegan) who says she became underweight and anorexic because of her vegan diet.

This is so far from true. It was not the vegan diet, it was her orthorexic tendencies and her obsessive compulsive nature to take health to the extreme.

Yes, veganism can be a pathway toward good health. The studies pointing in that direction are too numerous to count. However, there are also ways to have great health eating animal products. The popular Mediterranean diet includes fish and small amounts of dairy and has been shown to be very successful for a healthy lifestyle.

You can be orthorexic on an omnivorous diet and on a vegan one. They are not mutually exclusive.

There are many junk food vegans or simply vegans who have mediocre health and eating habits. You can never tell by looking at someone if they are vegan or if they are orthorexic.

Ok, rant over, time for some VEGAN JUNK FOOD! Make sure to head over to Tina’s blog for the Meatless Monday link-up and some other great recipes!


Who doesn’t love Oreos? I know they are milk’s favorite cookie and all that jazz, but seriously, they are the perfect blend of frosting and cookie. No need for double stuff, nothing too fancy, just straight cookie and cream. They get the perfect amount of soggy when dipped in milk and everything comes together.


Every once in a while, I get crazy with breakfast. I wanted some Oreos, but just eating them out of the box for breakfast would have sent me into a coma that early in the morning…so I added some fiber and protein to balance out the sweet. You’re gonna love this! Four ingredients and super good.


Oreo Overnight Oats

1 c almond milk

1/2 cup oats

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

3 Oreos

1 T chia seeds (optional)

Combine the milk, protein powder and Oreos in a blender. Blend until smoothish. You still want a few big pieces of Oreo. In the bowl you want to put in the fridge, mix the oats and chia seeds. Pour Oreo mixture over the oats and stir to combine. Refrigerate for an hour or overnight.


Wake up and make your tummy happy with cookies and cream!

Meatless Monday

What is your craziest oatmeal recipe?

Should I have called this a dessert?



  1. I remember when I learned that Oreos are vegan I laughed so hard. I don’t know why but that seems like such an oxymoron! Probably because I associate vegans with being more strict/healthy than the average person, which isn’t always true I guess! We all have our weaknesses, right? 🙂 This looks amazing!

  2. Oreos are the best. You’re so right about the orthorexia thing. I looked in to becoming vegan when i began my recovery because i saw it as a way to keep under eating. It didn’t happen, and now I just eat everything. 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. When all that shit hit the fan I was beyond annoyed. Veganism is not easy, you must work to balance your meals otherwise you can easily eat shit. The way I saw it was she got lazy and didn’t want to do it anymore, which is fine, but don’t blame it on bogus shit. End rant for me. This looks delish.

  4. Yesss. I fully agree with your thoughts on the potential of developping orthorexia no matter what diet somebody’s following. Actually, I’d planned on posting on a similar topic today but decided on postponing it. It makes me sad when people blame veganism for anybody slipping into orthorexic thoughts but we can’t change everybody’s mindset. Only in trying to show delicious recipes and treats.
    This, however, is clearly breakfast – hello, it contains oats and chia seeds meaning it’s basically as healthy as can be, right 😉 ?

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