Speed workouts might be the hardest thing I do all week

Wow where has the week gone? It’s already time for Thinking Out Loud and not having blogged for two days should give me A LOT to say!

Monday was a great day because I had it off. I had to figure out a couple things at my car insurance office, but once that got settled, I went to the mall because it’s close by. I ended up in Target for an hour because that’s really the only good store in that mall. Ok, there is Dick’s and Best Buy…but they are at the other end and I had no reason to go there other than to potentially make bad purchases.

So in Target I got some new earrings, glow in the dark spandex and a new drink called Suja my friend recommended to me.


I also snapped a selfie ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the pants because that night I was going on a group run with the other ambassadors for the running store. The run was a bust because I was the only one, but it was a nice jaunt around Ithaca at night.ย I haven’t run outside in a while, and it made me nostalgic for trails. Soon!!

I also managed to burn my boiled potatoes. I don’t even know what happened but I think it’s my pan. So I bought a new one. Cheers!

burned potatoes

Tuesday I met a friend for breakfast at Ithaca Bakery (no shame that I work for the sister branch) and was going to get errands done, but got called in to work a couple hours early so that didn’t happen. We have been short staffed at CTB so it felt like at long day.

Oh if only I knew what the next day would bring!

On Wednesday I try to do my weekly speed workout. This week the schedule was ladders. A progression of 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400 with 400m recovery in between. I had never done this sort of thing before. The pace for the intervals were 6 minute miles


OH MY GOD IT WAS SO HARD! I am so thankful this workout is the only one on my plan for the marathon build up. When I started doing the mile repeat hard, it got really tough. I kept repeating the mantra “You can do it! CRUSH IT! YOU’RE A BADASS!” Somehow, I made it through the workout. I felt great, exhausted, but great. And…I RAN MY FIRST 6 MINUTE MILE since high school track!!! Hurrah!

However, when I got home I had a message from my boss asking me to come in at 9 (instead of 11). It was 8:30. I cleaned up quick and got there with about 10 minutes to spare hoping to eat something before starting. Nope. It was busy and again being short staffed, I didn’t have time to do anything besides work.

I finally ate at around 11:00 and basically gorged. It was glorious and well deserved! We even had my favorite soup, pumpkin bisque (favorite for this time of year anyway) which I happily had two bowls of. I was then reenergized and on point for the next three hours. Then…I hit the wall. I just got so tired and ready to go home. Considering it was 3:30pm and my shift ended at 6:00, I had a way to go.

Luckily myย coworkers were feeling the same, soย we pulledย through together and I made it to 6. I got home, and ate a huge dinner and debated whether I wanted to go toย yoga. I was exhausted, but yoga always makes my muscles feelย good after speed day.

I went and it was a great decision.

This morning is another story. I am really sore. I believe thisย is a direct result of not eating soon enough after the workout. Usually I do not believe in the 30 minute workout window for myself.ย This is because most of my running is in an aerobic zone and I have enough on board eating normally to recover from workouts. I also usually just eat a meal (breakfast) when I am done running. Doing speed work is another story because it is anaerobically taxing.

Oh well, next week will be better ๐Ÿ™‚

Howย has your week been?

Ever done ladders?

Do you believe in the post exercise nutrition window?ย 



  1. Ladders are brutal and are something I dread / look forward to for days in advance. And then glow over for days thereafter.

    My absolute terror though are hill repeats. You know that feeling where your lungs are on fire and you’re afraid your chest might burst? That’s hill repeats for me.

    • Oh yea I know what you mean! I can barely make like five of those before I need to sit down…or sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh man, ladders are the worst!! I do believe in a post-exercise nutrition window… but not something crazy strict like X amount of minutes and X amount of carbs + protein blah blah blah, you know? I see at as… eat something soon after exercise, lol.

  3. Ladders are one of my all-time favorite workouts! They’re the best!

    I’m definitely a believer in the nutrition window, especially after hard workouts or races. I had an opportunity to chat with Deena Kastor once upon a time and she swore by it – and she made me a believer!

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