Lincoln Up #20 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Welcome to this week’s edition of Lincoln Up! I found some great ones this week that I know you’ll love! A football field turned farm, a body shamed man gets to dance and bananas for post-workout fuel. What more could you want?

Happy Sunday!



Eat to Run or Run to Eat :: I try to think of food as fun, but also as fuel. There’s no point in not taking advantage of nutrients after a hard workout. We work too hard to not see gains.



18 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World :: I’m sorry Europeans, but SWEET and SALTY is the BEST COMBO EVER!

Poor Women Have More Abortions :: An honest look at the benefits of making contraception more affordable. I’m looking at you Hobby Lobby!

How A Football Field Farm Helped Bring Back A Struggling College :: Turning all college football stadiums into farms would do so many good things for America. Hear hear!!

Why I’m Fed up With Those School Lunches From Around The World :: The general consensus on school lunch, it depends on how much money you’ve got. Honestly, even if I had been given a fancy school lunch, I would have traded it for twinkies and gushers. I cannot lie about that.

McDonald’s Stops Buying Chicken With Antibiotics :: Here’s why that really matters



Cracking The Code, Another Lawsuit Helps Vegans Out :: After the ridiculous Just Mayo lawsuit…I cannot wait to try Just Cookies and the other products by this plant-based company. What a way to make a big old vegan statement!

Some Athletes Are Trading Meat For Bananas :: All foods are some combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate and therefore can be utilized by the body for athletic performance. Bring on the bananas!



15 Things All 20 Somethings Can Do To Become Smarter :: This is a GREAT list if you feel like you are not reaching your potential. You don’t have to be in an unhappy state of mind to make a smart change. I think I will try some of these (maybe not the smart drugs…)

Dancing Bodyshamed Man Found, And Thrown Party :: What a way to make someone feel great. This guy deserves this and more. I’d dance with him anyday!



    • Thanks Lauren, that means a lot. I think access to healthcare (and contraceptives) is a human right, not just for the fortunate.

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