Handling a slight injury

I hate getting injured. Quite honestly it is the worst. I know you’re thinking:

“DUH who likes getting injured?!”

But really, it puts my life on hold. I get worried about my running race season. I have a job that is literally always on my feet. I have to remember to ice and take pain meds before work. It just puts a large strain on my life.


After the ten miler I dad last September, I had a serious foot issue. It was hard to walk without pain reliever and I couldn’t run. It was a stupid mistake. I felt my foot getting sore, and I still ran on it. I finished the race (2nd heck yea!) but then was done for a couple weeks.

I hate not being able to run. I try to run all year and I love it. However, I know it’s important to listen to your body.

A couple days ago, I finished a workout and felt that soreness in my foot. I was mad because I have a race in less than two weeks and want to keep training. I also was relieved I caught it early.

I caught it early, so I could stop, evaluate the level of pain, and decide how I wanted to proceed.

It is not bad, I could try to push through it and hope it goes away. I did not do this.

I stopped running. I cross trained. It sucks. But I feel like my discomfort is subsiding and I should be race ready.

Let me say, it was hard to stop because I did not know the severity of the discomfort. It has been challenging to trade runs for elliptical and bike rides. My long run this past Saturday was simulated by a two hour elliptical ride. It was not the most euphoric thing. But it was painless.

Today I ran four miles, this first I have since last Wednesday. I felt fine through it all and decided to stop after four because I could feel a bit of discomfort. I finished the workout on the elliptical.

It might be boring. I might be losing a bit of running fitness. But for a long, healthy race season, I think it has been worth it.

What do you do for cross training?

Have you even not been sure if you are injured?



  1. I hope your foot is completely better in time for your race! Being injured sucks. I’m also terrible at taking care of my injuries and tend to just pretend they don’t exist.

  2. Cycling is what I do for cross training, and also what I do when I need a less stressful activity. Not sure your foot would like that though. Sending you healing vibes!

  3. I haven’t been injured in a couple of years *knocks on wood* which is probably a good thing because I’m incredibly grouchy when I can’t run!!

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