A Different Kind of Workout Wednesday

I love and hate Wednesdays. I love them because they are usually a good work day, I get a speed workout in and have yoga at night. I love them because that means only a couple days till Saturday.

I hate them when I have to get out of my comfort zone. That’s how today’s impromptu workout felt. I thought about forgoing any type of speed resistance work today under the excuse that I cannot run and have never done speed work outside that element.

I am still nursing an uncomfortness in my left foot. It does not hurt. It just feels “off”. Still. It’s been a couple days now, but I think it’s starting to lighten up. (Pray that it goes away before my race next weekend!!)


Doing something besides running has been humbling. There’s really nothing like ellipticalling for two hours on Saturday to make you miss running. Or running outside…or trails…ok, I’m back.

Anyway, today I made the decision even though I have never done it and could blow up/lose motivation or just stop. I did my workout on the bike.

Speed intervals are short in duration and for me, have always had about the same length of time as recovery. For example, a one minute sprint followed by a one minute recovery jog etc.

My workout on the bike mimicked what I would do on the track or treadmill.

For the first ten minutes, I did 30 second bike sprints followed by 30 second recovery. For the second ten minutes, I did one minute sprints with one minute of recovery. Then for the final ten minutes, I did the 30-30 combo again.

HOLY SWEAT!!!! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I wore a t-shirt instead of a tank or that I was really working hard…but I was DRIPPING. What a way to get out some toxins haha (I kid)


What did I think? It was a good substitute for a low impact speed workout. I saved my foot and got some anaerobic training in.

Do I think it’s could stand in for running? No. Not on a regular basis. I think that in order to be a good runner, you have to run. However, being a good runner means not getting injured, so that’s where this becomes useful.

What was your workout today?

Bike or run?



  1. I agree that bike and eliptical can be suitable alternatives in a jam…but just so freaking hard to motivate for them. Best of luck on rehabing the foot!

  2. It’s really important as a runner to cross train, and bicycling is a good way to do that. It can also help with injuries. I understand, though. My shin yesterday was feeling really weird and randomly hurting so instead of running (which killed me emotionally. I was really looking forward to that run) I did some elliptical work and bike work. It was definitely a mental battle to not run. I hope your foot gets better soon!

  3. You pretty much summed it up at the end there — to be a good runner, you have to run, but you also can’t get injured. It’s a funny cycle. I can’t stand biking unless it’s outdoors or in a spin class. Otherwise it’s so boring to me! Same with the elliptical, unless I’m watching TV or something.

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