Every Workout Has A Purpose

I notice that since I’ve been unable to run, my posts have been much more exercise focused. I think about workouts more now that I have to do different things, and I also have to spend more time telling myself that I am not losing running fitness. I know that prehabbing a potential injury is smarter for me in the long run, but I still have to talk myself into this.


This past week had been a challenge mentally both because ellipticalling can be boring and because I want to race in about a week and that might not happen. I was really excited for that race because it was more of an intro race. A just for fun type of thing that would get me into the racing spirit. I was going to try of course, but I had no real goals for it besides finish.

Doing no running this week, and seeing it as no miles, is very humbling. Yesterday I was in that mood all day. I felt like, even with hitting a new workout, I still wasn’t running and therefore I wasn’t really “working” towards my goal of marathoner. It almost felt like a wasted week.


Even though thoughts of uselessness plagued my mind, I stayed with the plan of cross-training. I didn’t push it harder than usual and try to run. Last night, I finally felt some respite when going to bed.

Every workout has a purpose.

I wrote a post about comparathons last week. I need to take my own advice.

I believe every person who moves their body is doing something beautiful for their health, no matter what it is. Just because I may not be using my workouts this week to further my race goals, I am still doing marvelous things for my health, mindset and vitality. I am still enjoying getting a good sweat, listening to podcasts and being active. I am still making myself happy.

As the weather gets warmer and my injury heals, I have been reminded to enjoy the weather even more. I have been reminded to take every opportunity for fitness I can, because it is something I love.


Running will always be my bread and butter, but through injury I have been reminded that each type of fitness is important for life. Head over to Amanda’s Blog for all the other people thinking out loud today! πŸ™‚

What is your favorite way to sweat?



  1. I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with an injury right now! I’m just starting to come back from taking some time off for patellar tendonitis. I know what you mean about those feelings when you can’t run. Hope you heal up soon!

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