Weekly Workout Recap

This past week had a light running load because my foot scared me away from the pounding.

At the beginning of the week, I was a bit antsy over missing workouts because I do have a race this Saturday…however once I took a few days off running and didn’t feel like I lost fitness, I began to believe in the power of cross training.

It was really apparent that my Wednesday workout on the bike was both hard anaerobically, but also mentally because I have never pushed it on the bike. I’m glad I did it.

My running total this week is about 23 miles, from two runs. Everything else prepping me for my race was cross training. Not ideal, but the good news: I read about three books while on the bike this week πŸ™‚


Sunday: 1 hour elliptical, weights, 1 hr bike

Monday: 1 hour elliptical, 1.5 hr bike

Tuesday: 1 hour elliptical, 1 hr bike

Wednesday: 20 min elliptical, 30 min sprint bike workout, 30 minute easy bike, YOGA!


Thursday: 1 hr elliptical, weights, 30 min bike

Friday: 7 miles very easy (!!) weights

Saturday: 16 miles very easy


My favorite workout this week was a tie between the sprint bike work and the 7 miles on Friday. Like I’ve said countless times this past week, I really appreciated running (even on the treadmill) that day. I could feel my foot a bit, but kept pushing because I didn’t think the pain was getting worse. It was just uncomfortable.

I plan to run a race next weekend, and although I know it will not be my best performance, it will get me back in the racing spirit!

What was your favorite workout last week?

What is your favorite race distance?



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