St. Patty’s Day Things and Eats

Well, I’ve taken the plunge…I signed up for the Syracuse Half Marathon this Saturday.

I was able to run ten miles this morning relatively discomfort free, so I’m taking that as my sign. What a great start to St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve already begun the potato festivities by eating a potato knish for breakfast. It’s basically bread crumbs and potato. Yum!


(Always eat with BBQ sauce)

Yesterday my coworker and I made green smoothies (not for St. Patrick’s Day…but it worked out). It was a rough day at work. We are just really short staffed. By 2PM we both needed something and coffee was not it.

So, I fueled my inner healthy vegan (HAHA) and made us a green smoothie.

This looks terrible…but it was just what we needed. My coworker liked it so much, she asked me to make another one for her for her lunch!


Coconut water, guava, red pepper, spinach and carrots.

You could actually taste the pepper, but it wasn’t bad! My coworker said she was skeptical when she saw what I was putting in it, but was really happy she tried it.


How are you spending the day?



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