WIAW [St. Patrick’s Day green eats and potatoes!]

Top of the morning to ya! I think I should have said that at work yesterday…but I had too much fun convincing people that our green bagels were minty flavor [they weren’t].

I had a busy day yesterday while still trying to enjoy all the festivities. When you work at a place like CTB, you get to party while you work everyday. The party magnifies when it’s an actual holiday. I haven’t done a WIAW post in a bit, so head over toΒ Jenn’s blog to see the woman behind the bash!


As stated in yesterday’s post, I began the day with a potato knish. It’s kind of a potato roll…but more dense. Think of a potato pancake…but shaped like a roll and denser. It was really tasty, but very crumbly. I held the crumbs together with some BBQ sauce ❀


Lunch was amazing because CTB made GREEN BAGELS! That’s right! We had plain, everything and sesame bagels that were dyed green. They had no alternate taste, but eating them was so much fun! I had half my bagel melted with a layer of cream cheese, then green peppers and mushrooms and then some melted Daiya mozzarella on top. The other half was left plain to dip in my vegan chili. It began to snow during my break, so having something hearty was much needed!


Dinner was ANOTHER GREEN BAGEL because we only get them once a year. Half of my bagel has a “Mexican” melt: A layer of cream cheese, salsa and melted Daiya cheddar. The other half was again used to dip in another vegan chili, Gypsy Chili. Do not ask where CTB gets these names. I have no idea. Basically this chili has butter beans, sweet potato and peanuts. I think I could eat this everyday and not hate it. It’s that good.


My nightly snack recently has been a bowl of yonanas (not pictured) and some type of bar or dessert. In keeping with today’s theme, CTB has been getting Irish Cream scones with chocolate chips. I usually save scones for my special Sunday breakfast…but this one was really good, so I made an exception πŸ™‚


That about does it for me!

Did you eat anything green or stereotypically Irish?

Are you a fan of scones?



  1. I only like scones when I’m drinking hot chocolate or coffee πŸ™‚ Green bagels are AWESOME! I’m mad I didn’t celebrate more, food-wise. Next year I guess! You came up with so many crazy ways to eat the green bagel haha very creative

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