Workout Wednesday [bloody nose and soreness]

Today I wanted to do some sort of faster paced run to get my legs back under me. It sounds counter intuitive to write out loud, but that was the goal with today’s run.

I haven’t run since my race on Sunday except doing three miles last night with my fellow ambassadors. We did over 10 minute paced miles and that was well enough for me.

This morning, I wanted to see how my body would handleย a few faster paced efforts having gone without them for the past three weeks to let my foot recover.


I did a forty-five minute workout with the first fifteen minutes at 7:30 pace, the second fifteen minutes at 7:00 pace and the last fifteen at first alternating minutes of 6:40 and 7:00 and then the last seven minutes at 6:40 pace.

Boy am I whipped! My legs made it, but I could not have pushed farther if my life depended on it (ok, maybe I could have, who knows). I also did not want to push it farther. Coming back from not running very much is a delicate area and I don’t want to ramp up mileage (at least not at that pace) too quickly.


When I began, I also got a hardcore bloody nose…which I did not know and wiped it on my hand…and almost had a freak out (EBOLA?!?!) and then got a tissue. My whole run I was sniffling to make sure I did not look like someone who was just exposed to a biomedical terrorist attack. At least now that I am home eating breakfast, my nose seems to have clotted ๐Ÿ™‚


Some other things I will remember to talk about tomorrow OUT LOUD:

My next race (sooner than I planned!)

My sister and my friendship (that’s right…FRIENDship)

Some good frozen/prepared vegan meals

How was your workout?

Do you get bloody noses?



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