TOL [Racing, Sisters, Burritos]

Today actually feels like a March Spring day. It’s really rainy, about 45 degrees and all I want to do is sleep. Sounds about right 😉

Ok, I lie, I want to go to work and see my coworkers, slice some bagels, and then sleep. But you get my drift. Gotta make some money in between races.

Speaking of races OUT LOUD, my next race is rather approaching. After Sunday’s 13 miler, the next scheduled race for me is the Skunk Cabbage classic in mid-April. It’s the week after Easter. I was notified through the FleetFeet Rochester email update of the 2nd Annual Spring Forward Distance festival featuring a 2.5 mile and 15K running event this Saturday. I was not originally going to sign up for it, but my sister and I got talking…and we talked ourselves into it. So my next race is in two days. Luckily my new socks came in so I can represent the vegan running! Whew!!!


Speaking of sisters…OUT LOUD, my sister and I have been getting along smashingly these past few weeks. She actually texted me yesterday morning (it was the first text I received that day, so I swear I did nothing to premeditate this) saying:

“I’m so excited for Saturday! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever even tho it hasn’t been that long!”

Quinoa dinner date


To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the century…but I’m all for it. I am happy she wants to spend time with me because she’s grown up to a person I can see myself liking. I don’t know if we have a sisterly bond yet, but I can always use more friends!

Speaking of burritos (or not)…OUT LOUD, please admire this breakfast. The cookie butter and peanut butter to banana ratio is at least 2:1. I was loving shoving this into my mouth after my run this morning. The run was…well, it went really great actually, but after eleven miles, I called it quits. I wanted to go for 16 again, but am still feeling some lingering fatigue from Sunday, and want to focus on my race in two days. I finished the workout on the bike instead going at a slow pace to bring my muscles and HR down.


More burritos were had last night for dinner. I realized that I have accumulated a bunch of frozen Amy’s burritos in the community freezer that I’d wanted to try. These are usually impulse buys at GreenStar and I fully intend to eat them, but then life gets in the way and they slip from my mind. Well, last night I got home from an easy spin after work and had to put in laundry, shower and eat before yoga at 7:30…I also wanted to watch the Office, let’s be real here…so these burritos came in handy. This one contained seasoned black beans and vegetables and cost me $1.99 (ON SALE?!?! How is this on sale? What was I thinking?)


Anyway, it was really good even if small. I had it along side my Smoky Maple Baked Beans and so the meal itself was filling. The good part about the burrito was that it did not give me gas! I always seem to eat Mexican food before yoga and spend half the class holding in my gas. These burritos did not do that to me.


They were a bit spicy though, so I wish I had thought to get some guacamole. I dipped the second half of it in pizza sauce, which helped to quell the burn a bit. Overall, a good burrito I could see eating again as a snack.


What is your favorite frozen food item?

When is your next race?



  1. I love that you and your sisters’ relationship is growing! That makes me so happy and I bet you’re even happier! Love the vegan socks haha. Frozen food is the best — Amy’s is good, but TJ’s has the BEST stuff.

    • I wanted to move it when I went in there! I could have been because I was starving lol. Never shop when you’re hungry 😉

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