Lincoln Up #22 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Hello all and welcome to Lincoln Up! I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for 22 weeks already. That is either awesome [that I read a lot of weird stuff online] or lame [see the former]. The past two weeks have been really busy for me, but I am glad I took the time to explode my mind with knowledge. My favorite link this week is from No Meat Athlete on making a vegan diet (or any habit change) stick. I favorited this link so that when I make changes in the future, I have a concrete game plan on how to achieve them.

Lincoln Up

Have a wonderful Sunday and PASSOVER!



A Third Grade Vegan :: This girls is smarter than me. So pure. So honest. It’s hard to argue with that.

Billion Dollar Chicken Shop: KFC Documentary Reveals Oppressive Farming Conditions :: So if in the 900 million chickens in this system, we waste 30 million lives each year, just to give American heart disease and cancer? How do markets work like this?!

What I Learned From a Month Eating Vegan :: It’s honest. “It’s hard, but not that hard.”
My $1.50 A Day Vegan Eating Challenge :: I think this is managable for the general population. So you cannot get superfoods or lattes, you can still find nutrient dense foods and eat well for little cost.

Make It Stick :: This is such a great road map for change! The first one is big for me. Outlining goals, and then remembering to look at them is crucial to my success in whatever change I want to make. These steps apply not just for veganism, but for life.



The Major Rule For Eating Fruit :: I always felt weirdly bloated if I only ate fruit for breakfast, now I know why!

Companies Run By Women Are Reported As Better Ran Than By Men :: Statistics do not lie. Women work hard to get the job, and then just as hard to do it well.

Why Chocolate Chips Ruin Cookies :: I wonder what he would think of me…I use a mix…

Mo’ne Davis Gives A Chance :: What a stand up chick! I think this takes a lot of courage but also a level head. Mo’ne Davis is someone I think will be a leader in the next generation. We could all do with being more like her.

Girls Like Dinosaurs Too :: Who says girls need to be princesses? My favorite toys were Rescue Heroes (RIP) and I turned out perfectly feminine. Go Sophie!!!



Adults, Stop Kidding Yourself About Fast Food :: You’re not hungry, you crave the memories associated with the burger and fries of your youth. Every once in a while, I think that’s ok.

Diets Do Not Work :: We need to stop telling fat people they should be skinny. Health has no size.



11 American Behaviors Considered Rude Around The World :: If I don’t open mouth laugh, snot comes out my nose…which do you prefer?

Alabama’s Homophobia Cost University Millions :: Come on Alabama, please come to this decade.

Wearable Computers As Harmful As Cigarettes? :: The radiation effects are only present with the 3G capability. Having a cell phone attached to your wrist could be a bad idea.

France Passes Bill Banning Super Skinny Models :: This could prove to be a great initiative. However, anorexia is a mental disorder and not always for vanity…something to keep in mind.

How Human Composting Will Change Death In The City :: A way to honor the dead while helping the environment? “During your funeral service, your body would be shrouded in linen and your friends and family would walk you to the top of the core and lay you within the soil.”


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