WIAW [The Wrap Trend continues…]

Good Morning everyone! I am super high on adrenaline right now because I just finished a speed workout. IT is workout Wednesday after all!

Today’s set featured 800s. Oh how I love and hate them. According to Bart Yasso, these beauties are the reason he was able to be such a great marathon runner. Awesome Bart, but that doesn’t make them any easier to do. During my session, I listened to the most recent Rich Roll podcast with Robyn Arzon. Talk about INSPIRATION! Head over to his website and listen, she does some pretty epic sh*t!


The workout was essentiall 8×800 meters at 5k pace with 400m recovery in between. A full warm up and cool down were essentail to this bad boy! My total mileage was around 8.

Now for the WIAW party! Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


[Breakfast] Wrap with walnut butter, blueberry jam and a banana, chased with almond milk


[Lunch] Wrap with hummus, sprouts, tomato and onions, paired with sweet potatoes


[Snack] LOL like a drink is a snack…but a Kombucha


[Dinner] Wrap with cashew cheese, lentil-garlic spread, bread and butter pickles, onion and sprouts, with two kale/quinoa cakes smeared with red pepper hummus


[Snack] Two pb chocolate chunk cookies with frosting in the middle


That was my day!

What is your favorite wrap?



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