I am really happy. There are so many things right with my life. I truly feel it is a blessing to be alive.

[Who is coming in from a runner’s high?]

But in all seriousness, I want to squawk about it OUT LOUD. Let’s make a list because those are fun!


1.) My sister and I have been getting along great! I have posted so many times before about our relationship, finally culminating in the acceptance that we do not have one. Things have shifted substantially and I am not just ok with that, I am thrilled. Since the race last weekend, she has brought up the idea of running once a week during the summer. Our next adventure together is a half marathon in April and then a RELAY half marathon in May. We each would run half of the race. I’m still trying to get her on that one haha, so we’ll see.

Quinoa dinner date

2.) I am injury free! After the soreness in my foot caused me to take off two weeks before the Syracuse Half, I feel blessed that I no longer am suffering from that same pain. I have been able to steadily run and even did a workout yesterday. My legs felt great yesterday and still feel good now. I did a 16 mile slow run today and am feeling wonderful.

3.) I am thinking about changing my training this year to be more outside loving nature than specific workouts. I want to get in one speed workout a week and one mile repeat workout, but everything else will be tempos and slow runs outside. I live in a beautiful area, and I want to experience it the best I can. I also plan on doing a lot more slow miles both on my feet and on my bike. I think that running more, but slowly helps the body recover faster. It is only when I try to go too fast that I put myself in jeopardy. I have a goal to be able to bike to my parent’s house during the summer to swim and then bike home. This might be a Saturday adventure. We’ll see.


4.) The weather today is supposed to be 60 degrees! This is a BIG DEAL for us here in Ithaca. We have winters that seem to never want to end. With the past two weekends being freezing and snowy, I am SO READY for the warmth. My run today began chilly, but the last couple miles it was sunny and I could feel Spring in the air. I cannot wait for more long runs like that.


5.) I have been thinking a lot more about school. I don’t want to do anything different for my job at the moment, but I am getting that urge to learn again. I’m not sure what this means. I have a couple options (all which require $$) but I am open to looking. I don’t feel any pressure other than wanting to learn some more. Getting my degree is a nice bonus, but probably will have no affect on what I do for the rest of my life. Honestly, if I am happy, that’s all that matters.

Well, I’m off to shower, fill out the FAFSA and then go to work.

What makes you happy today?



  1. I am happy that you’re so happy! I think spring just makes everyone happier! It’s like a big breath of fresh, sunny air and I love it. I’m also glad you and your sis are getting along so well! <33

  2. So glad that you and your sister are starting to grow in your relationship! And we automatically grow closer to the people we run with, right?! So I hope that’ll help lots πŸ™‚

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