Lincoln Up #23 [The Best I’ve Read This Week]

Lincoln Up

Good Morning and HAPPY EASTER! This week has flown by and other than keeping up with my devotionals, I have not been into Easter as much as previous years. Last year my brother got baptized and I was in Brockport working away at school. Oh how time flies! This week’s articles are SO FANTASTIC! Look for some concerning the developments about religious freedom in Indiana, the dangers of “fitspo” to the disabled and more vegan protein! No matter how you celebrate Easter (I am praising God because JESUS LIVES!) make sure to take some time to enjoy yourself.

Now I’m off to work and then hang with family. Happy Easter!



19 Classic Weird Kids From Your Childhood and Who They Are Now :: I am the kid who walked home while others took the bus…and I do leave the bar after one drink…but that’s because I’m frugal hahaha

Who Is A Terrorist? :: I bet they don’t look like Zac Efron or Angelina Jolie.

Forum: Healthful School Meals Are Working :: It’s a lie that kids throw out healthy food. “Making healthy choices the default choices in our schools is essential, not optional. Offering nutritious meals, snacks, and drinks not only helps students learn better and have a healthier diet; it instills lifelong healthy habits.”

Bigotry, The Bible and Indiana :: “For a very long time, he noted “Many Christians thought slavery wasn’t sinful, until we finally concluded that it was.” This article takes a look at bigotry in the wake of Indiana’s crazy religious freedom law. It explains how interpretation of the ancient Biblical text has changed over time depending on who interprets it.



How to Maintain Sanity When Rehabbing an Injury :: For those of us that are used to our everyday sweat euphoria may find rehabbing in injury depressing…here’s what to do instead!

Redefining “The Best You Can” :: Tina Muir explores the paradigm between running easy and doing your best. Sometimes doing our best doesn’t mean feeling like we worked as hard as possible and gave it all. Sometimes it means combating the ego and recovering because that’s what the body needs.



Couple Shop at Target During March Madness [VIDEO] :: This is great and so funny! That girl was such a great sport about it. It’s March Madness baby!



Gluten Free and Vegan Food At Disney :: Some real magic going on in the Magic Kingdom this week! Go Disney!

Do Vegetarians and Vegans Eat Enough Protein? :: Everyone eats above the RDA of protein per day. What we should be talking about is fiber.



What It’s Like To Care Too Much About Healthy Eating :: The interesting thing in this article happens about halfway through when the author mentions the first meal with her parents. Genes do play an important role in who we are, but are not a reason to not get help.

The Fitspo Albeist Narrative :: This is an amazing post. I am guilty of posting workout inspiration, and although I probably won’t stop, I now think about the things I have assumed. I assume people are ABLE to workout. Some people simply cannot, and to them fitspo is not so inspiring at all.



  1. I really like the article about protein! If you’re eating a well-balanced diet, it shouldn’t be a problem to get too much protein (even though everyone assumes vegetarians/vegans don’t get enough.) Super interesting read!

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