WIAW [Brunch and Linner]

Sometimes my job makes having an eating schedule difficult. Ideally, we would all over to “eat intuitively” which stereotypically means three meals a day and a snack or two if so inclined. Well let me share a nugget of information from the working class: we hardly get that luxury.

I’m hooking up with Jenn for WIAW today to show what a working girl eats when she doesn’t have time for three square meals.


A normal workday for me these days means trading three meals for two. For example, yesterday I did not have to work until one, but got out at around 8:30PM. I wanted to do a longer run yesterday morning so getting in three meals would have been just stressful. I don’t like to have to think about meals more than I have to. After making sandwiches all day, ready rice and a carton of chocolate soy milk look wonderful. My day of eating yesterday focused on my new favorite mealsย “Brunch” and “Linner”.

Most people know of brunch. It is quite honestly fantastic. Brunch reminds me of slow mornings and relaxation. I also feel really efficient if I actually get something done.

[Brunch] was veggie chili and a wrap with peanut butter, raspberry jalapeรฑo jam andย granola.


I got to work at 1 and because we were busy and short staffed, my boss asked me to go on break at 3:15PM. I don’t really get another break in the next five hours to eat a meal, so the second meal “Linner” happened then.

[Linner] was butternut squash latkes, Passover charoset and sugar snap peas.


When I got home from work, I read for a bit, watched the last episode of season 3 of Revenge and then had a snack.

[Snack] was a bowl of yonanas and a chocolate dragon cookie spread with cookie and cream cookie butter from Trader Joe’s (that was a present to myself after my last half marathon)



And that was it!

Are you a fan of brunch?

Three meals a day or two?


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